Siae-Meta, no agreement: still no music on social networks

A meeting lasting over three hours at the Ministry of Culture laid the foundations for the resumption of negotiations between Meta and Siae aimed at establishing a fee for the authors for the musical content that passes on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, but an agreement does not appear still in sight. “We discussed their respective positions with Meta at length, but at present we are still far from the precise indications formulated yesterday by the AGCM. However, we continue to work in the hope of reaching a shared solution” says SIAE. In short, on the so-called “disclosure” of the data, also hoped for by the Antitrust, Meta does not seem willing to take any steps forward. “We are still a long way off: nothing requested by the Antitrust has been accepted by Meta. This is the state of the negotiations at the moment” commented Siae president Salvatore Nastasi as he left. “There are still important unresolved points,” Meta also summarizes. And speaking of an “important first step” also says the undersecretary of the Mic Lucia Borgonzoni, who this afternoon hosted the leaders of Meta and SIAE for their meeting at the Dicastery in via del Collegio Romano. “But the negotiation is still long and the positions are distant” Borgonzoni also noted.

Undersecretary for Culture Mazzi: “Humiliating Meta figure for creators”

“I find it truly absurd that these platforms, which have an incredible economic power, have attitudes of disrespect towards those who create the contents” commented the Undersecretary for Culture Gianmarco Mazzi before attending the meeting at the Ministry. Mazzi said he was “stunned” by the amount proposed by Meta at the first negotiating table and judged it “truly humiliating for the creators”. To contribute to the reopening of the dialogue, in addition to the interventions of two Authorities, the guarantor for competition and that of communications, there was also the interest of politics. “Parliament no longer passes cards as it has done in the last 5 years, with the governments of national unity, but becomes in fact a driving force and we claim the merit of this rapprochement. We are happy” commented the president of the Culture Commission of the Chamber, Federico Mollicone who, while not wanting to enter “into the merits of a negotiation that is of the free market” hoped that “Meta will find an agreement as Google found it and that our artists will be respected”.

Meta said it was ready to collaborate with the Antitrust

Yesterday, on the eve of the table called by the government to reopen the negotiations, the Antitrust announced the opening of an investigation into Mark Zuckerberg’s company to essentially ascertain that it has not taken advantage of its contractual power in the negotiation with the collecting society. Meta immediately said she was ready to collaborate in responding to the Authority’s requests and above all to “reach an agreement with Siae that satisfies all the parties”. But it is above all SIAE that has considered the intervention of the Competition Guarantor a first victory, having “evaluated the interruption of the negotiations by Meta as undue” commented the president Salvatore Nastasi.