Siamese twins successfully separated thanks to virtual reality

The 27-hour surgery was performed in Rio de Janeiro with liaison doctors from London

Two twins born in Brazil with their heads joined together have been successfully separated by surgeons thanks to the use of virtual reality. Three-year-old Bernardo and Arthur Lima underwent the complicated operation in Rio de Janeiro, following directions from London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital. Staff at the two hospitals spent months learning the necessary surgical techniques using a virtual reality simulation based on the CT scans of the twins. This is the most complicated medical procedure of its kind ever successfully performed, according to the charity that funded it, Gemini Untwined. Bernardo and Arthur underwent seven operations in all, for more than 27 hours of operation in the last surgery they underwent, followed by a medical staff of over one hundred people. This is the seventh separation procedure successfully completed by Gemini Untwined, the first made with a virtual reality training system. The twins are currently in good health, and will have to undergo six months of rehabilitation.