Siani and De Sica, released the trailer for Who Framed Santa Claus?

The most awaited and loved party for adults and children is missing less and less. In the past few hours Vision Distribution has released the official trailer of the film that is preparing to keep the public of Bel Paese company, we are obviously talking about Who framed Santa Claus?

Alessandro Siani and Christian De Sica, the trailer

Alessandro Siani and Christian De Sica are the protagonists of the film which sees the Neapolitan artist also involved as a director.

A little while ago Vision Distribution gave the public the official trailer of the film, telling the synopsis and showing the main characters. The video, lasting about one minute, provided the public with the first preview images.

The cast and plot of Who Framed Santa?

The film sees in the cast Diletta Leotta And Angela Finocchiaro, parallel to the distribution of the trailer, Vision Distribution has also published the synopsis of the film, this is the opening words: “The Wonderfast, the world’s most powerful online delivery company, dominates the market all year round except Christmas. To make Santa Claus fail, they hire the leader of his elves, convincing him to infiltrate a new manager in his factory: Genny Catalano, known as the ‘king of parcels’. In reality, the packages in question are not Christmas gifts but rather the infamous ‘packages’ “.

The text then continues: “Genny, in fact, is a vulgar scammer who lives by expedients assisted by Checco, a little urchin of eight years. The arrival of the couple at the North Pole will give rise to a series of troubles but in the end, thanks to the unlikely mutual contamination that arises between Genny and Santa Claus and the unexpected help of hag, the magic of Christmas will be able to triumph “.

Christian De Sica, the teaser on Instagram

In recent days Christian De Sica has also shared the teaser trailer of the film on the Instagram profile he boasts more than 610,000 followers who follow his life every day.