Sicily, Monti (AdSp): ‘Reindustrialization in a sustainable way for its development’

“The incontrovertible fact that emerged is the common vision of Sicily as a territory which, in order to start its development on a new basis, must start from the many specificities that characterize it: the emphasis must be placed on culture, on artistic and naturalistic assets – heritage of which no one world can sustain irrelevance -, on tourism but also, I’m sure, on sustainable reindustrialisation”. This was stated by the president of the Port System Authority of the western Sicilian Sea, Pasqualino Monti.

“The competitive capacity of the territories is in clear relation with the modernization of the infrastructural endowment of the same and of the services offered”, he pointed out on the day in which the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructures and of Transport Edoardo Rixi, and the Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Alessandro Morelli. Also in connection with the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Matteo Salvini.

“Today Palermo has a port that is increasingly integrated into the urban milieu and with the new, and redeveloped, infrastructural context – he underlined -, it can become a protagonist in the dynamics of conquering a leadership that bases its goodness precisely on the interventions carried out in these years that feed a production system with still very wide margins for growth. The work done and in progress has turned the spotlight of the press on the potential of our new asset. We are satisfied with it because it was a necessary attention to make our product known to the market “.