Siemens, with Xcelerator and Industrial Operations X plus services in industrial automation

Among the novelties also the first completely virtual PLC

With the launch of Industrial Operation Xthe solution for designing, executing and optimizing manufacturing in the new world of IT/OT convergence, Siemens expands the service portfolio of Siemens Xcelerator, the open digital platform designed to simplify and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises , and thus continues to strengthen its technological leadership in automation and industrial software for ever more efficient and highly adaptive production processes. Among the new features is also the first completely virtual PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Industrial Operations X focuses on integrating IT capabilities and proven methods from software operations into the world of automation: low code, edge, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (Ai), Internet of Things (IoT) and metaverse are combined with industry-leading automation technologies and digital services. The contribution of Industrial Operations X to the industrial world results in more flexible and modular plants and production lines, which allow customers to react to changes with a simple click.

With Industrial Operations X, Information Technology (IT) and artificial intelligence are brought to the shop floor with a new level of modularity: low code, edge, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) integrate into automation technologies and digital services. This open and interoperable portfolio can further accelerate current manufacturing processes, which are already well automated, and lead to more adaptable, more autonomous and, at the same time, people-centric manufacturing.

This and many other aspects related to the wide range of products and services for industry that integrate Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) solutions were discussed during the panel “Xcelerator and Industrial Operations X: Siemens brings IT, AI and metaverse to industrial automation for ”adaptive” production”held on the occasion of one of the three days of Sps Italia 2023 in Parma, the event dedicated to industry 4.0 and industrial automation.

The session opened with the intervention of Maurice Rovaglio, Digital Enterprise Business Manager of Siemens, who explained the potential of the as a service, one of the concepts underlying Xcelerator and Industrial Operations X: “Selling a service rather than a product – said Rovaglio – as well as creating loyalty allows you to constantly update the software of the service sold without the customer having to think about it. In this way the latter becomes totally independent from product management because the product is sold as a service”.

In the innovation and industrial automation paradigm outlined by Siemens with Siemens Xcelerator, the metaverse plays an important role: “The metaverse is very relevant because it is easily accessible and its implementation is much simpler than some time ago – explained the Siemens Digital Enterprise Business Manager – Second, the metaverse now offers a much more realistic experience than augmented reality initially did. Entering the metaverse it seems to actually be dropped into the real world: for example you can walk in the exact digital reproduction of a production plant, or we can carry out digital simulations that save time and resources. This enables customers large and small to become sustainable digital businesses.”