Silent Bob & Sick Budd are back with Habitat Cielo (preceded by the single Mom I have anxiety)

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Great return for one of the most fruitful partnerships on the Italian scene in recent years, the one that combines the names of Silent Bob and Sick Budd. Respectively considered one of the best pens of the new contemporary urban scene and the brilliant musical producer who managed to design a unique and unmistakable musical identity for his “protégé”, Silent Bob + Sick Budd is an addition that is once again being talked about. . Indeed: of them.
After the success of Plan B And It’s still raining – which have exceeded over 160 million listens – the collaboration between the singer-songwriter and his faithful music producer will undoubtedly return to generate listens (and profits): the new album is about to be released, entitled Heaven Habitat.

The disc is expected for Friday 31 March, anticipated by tomorrow’s release of Mom I have anxiety. Just Friday 17 (to challenge bad luck, in spite of the anxiety that such a date can generate) the new single will land on all major digital platforms.

The disc Heaven Habitat is produced entirely by Sick Budd, with the Bullz Records label, exclusively licensed by Believe Artist Services.

Surprise announcement of the first two event dates of their tour

In these hours the two artists have also surprisingly announced the first two event dates of theirs Sky Habitat Tour.

Silent Bob & Sick Budd will perform on May 12th in Rome, at the Orion, on May 19th in Milan, on the Fabrique stage.

Mom I have anxiety and that “almost grunge” groove

As the best pen in today’s urban scene, there’s no better voice to ask about the upcoming new single.
Mom I have anxiety it has a mood that I would define as almost grunge”, explains Silent Bob. “The lyric wasn’t supposed to be on that beat initially but it was so emotional when I heard it that I re-adapted the lyric and I must say I immediately understood that it was taking a more original and impactful shape. The song was born to face and face anxiety, the enemy of many of us, an often gigantic problem but which I have learned to accept over time. I wrote the song where I address anxiety as if it were a person, I felt the need to put a face to this devastating annoyance I had inside at that time and which had reached an acute phase. I’m not saying it passed after I wrote the song, but it’s like it doesn’t feel so abstract and scary anymore. Anxiety is unlikely to go away completely from our lives, certainly the more we think about it, the stronger it becomes, so let’s learn to live with it by accepting it as a small part of us”.

A record born in a “moment of very strong fragility”

Silent Bob, born Edoardo Fontana, tells the genesis of the new album thus: “Heaven Habitat It’s a record born several months ago. I’ve always been meteoropathic as a person and when I started writing the first lyrics of this new record I was in a moment of very strong fragility and it’s as if my mood changed based on the type of weather outside. I think this record was shaped by the sky and its nuances, it was the sky that guided me and then inspired all the songs that will be found on the album. This is where it comes from Sky Habitat, I developed the title precisely in this sense as the sky changed my mood and consequently inspired my songs. A different sky will therefore be found in each track of the disc”.

Silent Bob & Sick Budd: “We want to convey many messages, including courage”

“We conceived this record in a totally free way, without thinking too much about who might like it,” explain Silent Bob & Sick Budd. “We didn’t set limits even on the sound side, using all the musical influences we’ve explored and built over the years. We went into the studio free to explore and put together everything we liked outside of rap, starting from blues, lo fi and even indie sounds. The productions were inspired by our listening outside of classic rap. Among the many messages that we intend to launch with this new project there is certainly courage. At a certain point, you need to have the courage to decide for yourself which is the right path to follow, without the need to listen and be influenced by others, take a break if necessary and then start again stronger than before with your own projects”.