Silvia and Melory are Ilary Blasi’s sisters: do you know what work they do?

In addition to that with Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi is also very attached to her family of origin: do you know what work her sisters do?

Since her debut on TV, Ilary Blasi has conquered the Italian public: beauty, spontaneity and irony have made her one of the most popular presenters and everyone is waiting to see her again at the helm of The Island of the Famouswhere she proved to be the perfect hostess.

Silvia and Melory are Ilary Blasi’s two sisters: do you know what work they do? (Instagram)

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For many years alongside Francesco Totti, the two have built a beautiful family giving birth to three children. Attached to the values ​​of love and simplicity, the blonde conductor is also very attached to her family of origin. Dad Roberto and mum Daniela are also parents of Silvia (the eldest daughter) and Melory (the youngest of the three sisters).

Born in 1980, Silvia she married in 2019 with Ivan, father of her two daughters Stella and Nicole, born respectively in 2012 and 2015. In her book My name is Francesco Totti, the former Roma captain says he managed to meet his wife thanks to Silvia: “I see her and I say: ‘I want to marry her’ … The connection I find is called Alessandro Nuccetelli and when I ask him about Ilary he introduces me to his sister Silvia. I owe her a lot because to get to know Ilary about her I start to torment her and instead of sending me to hell she goes along with me. He tells her that he has met a famous footballer who is very fond of her and in front of her indifference he insists. ‘At least let him introduce you’, he tells her ”.

Melory, the youngest of the Blasi family, on the other hand, is 31 years old and has been married since 2017 to Tiziano Panicci. There are nine years of difference between her and Ilary. Silvia and Melory are both far from the entertainment world, let’s see what work they do!

Ilary Blasi, his sisters are not part of the TV: this is what they do

Silvia Blasi has chosen the showgirl as a wedding witness, proving that their bond is really very intense. As for the eldest of the Blasi sisters, it is not known what her job is.

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On the other hand, we know that Melory works as an orthoptist and ophthalmology assistant. In fact, she graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome and obtained a master’s degree in rehabilitation sciences of the health professions at the University of Tor Vergata.

The three daughters of Daniela and Roberto have a very special and profound relationship, which is also reflected in the love for their grandchildren.

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what work do the sisters of Ilary Blasi do
Photo source: Instagram

What can I say, mum and dad Blasi can be really proud of these three wonders!