Silvia Toffanin is back on TV with Verissimo: everyone noticed that ‘detail’

Silvia Toffanin is back on TV with the new edition of Verissimo: everyone noticed a ‘detail’.

After the summer break, many television programs are back on the air. The first to debut were Live Life with Alberto Matano, Serena Bortone with Today is another day, Afternoon Cinque with Barbara D’Urso and Federica Panicucci is back at the helm of Mattino Cinque.

Very true, Silvia Toffanin (credits: mediaste paly)

In the first days, the attention of the formats focused a lot on the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth. The sovereign died on Thursday 8 September and since the announcement was made, nothing else has been talked about. September 5th was the start date of these broadcasts but at the weekend Tu si que vales also debuted with the new edition in prime time on channel 5 and even earlier, in the afternoon, Verissimo.

Also this year, given the success of the previous edition, the program conducted by Silvia Toffanin will be broadcast on both Saturdays and Sundays. The presenter in the first episodes interviewed many guests. On Saturday we saw Can Yaman in the studio with Francesca Chillemi who talked about the new fiction that will see them as protagonists, Viola come il mare. They also talked about the relationship that has been created between them. There was an interview with Victoria Cabello who brought her beloved little dog Silvano with her; Gabriel Garko, on the other hand, told of how his life is today, revealing that he is single. Elodie was also part of the second episode of the format where she talked about her new experience as an actress. The public has focused a lot on the statements of the guests but not only, because the most attentive have also noticed something else: in this case it concerns the conductor.

Silvia Toffanin is back on TV with Verissimo: the whole audience noticed a ‘detail’

Silvia Toffanin is back on the air with the new edition of Verissimo. After the summer break she is ready to let us live the new interviews of the celebrities from the world of entertainment. Also for this edition, as for the previous one, the format will be broadcast on both Saturday and Sunday.

The success of the one that ended in June meant that the double appointment continued. The public apparently rewarded this choice, given that the first two episodes were very popular. The presenter interviewed Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, Gabriel Garko, Victoria Cabello intervened with her beautiful dog Silvano, Lele Spedicato together with Clio Evans, Flora Canto and Enrico Brignano who told about their dream wedding. Elodie instead spoke of her new experience as an actress, there was the arrival of Daniele Bossari who spoke of the battle faced in recent months, against a tumor in the throat; also Orietta Berti and Sonia Bruganelli, new commentators of the GF Vip, were guests of Sunday’s episode.

The public followed with pleasure the debut of Verissimo and apparently was very attentive: why do we say this? Many viewers who followed Verissimo noticed a change in the host’s look. In fact, at the bottom of the post published on the social profile of the format, someone commented.

silvia toffanin very true
Silvia, the detail (credits: instagram)

Have you noticed it? Many people have noticed Silvia’s new hair color. In fact, she really liked it and a series of compliments came for her. It would seem that Toffanin has chosen a new color and she has also changed the hairstyle a bit: so it looks great!