Silvia Toffanin, Verissimo starts again: what Ilary Blasi decided to do

Verissimo is ready to leave again with his Silvia Toffanin, but what has Ilary Blasi decided to do? What we just found out.

Save the date: it will be an unforgettable weekend! Not only will the new edition of Amici e Scherzi a Parte return to air on Sunday 18 September – on which Enrico Papi told us a ‘shock’ background – but on Saturday 17 September, Verissimo and Tu si que vales will begin. In short, a weekend of fire!

Ilary Blasi and Silvia. Credits: Youtube

What should we expect from this new edition of Verissimo? To reveal everything in the smallest detail, it was the direct interested in TV smiles and songs. According to what we learn from his words, it would seem that – never like this year – many guests will alternate in the Cologno Monzese television studio. There will be ‘old’ faces and lots of new ones, but we are sure that this too will be an unforgettable edition.

What will happen, however, of Ilary Blasi? The TV presenter, we know very well, has been at the center of gossip for an entire summer due to her separation from Francesco Totti and now, after her husband’s interview with Il Corriere della Sera, she is even more so. What, however, did the splendid Roman choose to do? It will be right in the living room of Very true, together with her friend Silvia Toffanin, where will Blasi tell the whole truth about the end of her marriage?

Ilary Blasi to Verissimo from Silvia Toffanin? What the host chose to do

For all these months, Ilary Blasi has always been silent. Although very active on her official social channel – and her friends of hers have recently revealed the reason – the Roman presenter has never uttered a word about her separation from her husband and about all the inferences made about them. The beautiful Ilary remained silent even when the former Giallorossi captain, on the pages of Il Corriere della Sera, spoke of her about her past betrayals to her relationship with Noemi Bocchi. But when will it be time to talk? Many believe that Blasi will tell everything in the living room of very true with Silvia Toffanin, but is it really so? Apparently, it would seem not!

There are only a few hours left for the start of this new edition of Verissimo, but Silvia Toffanin – interviewed by tv Sorrisi e canzoni – could not help but reveal some of her little ‘gems’. Who will be the guests of this first edition? Apparently, there will be several and all very important: starting, therefore, from Tamberi, Jacobs and Pellegrini, who got married this summer, up to Orietta Berti, Sonia Bruganelli, Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi.

As you can clearly understand, Silvia Toffanin did not mention Ilary Blasi among the guests of this edition at all. And this, let’s face it, makes us think a lot. Could the Roman presenter have chosen to pursue the path of silence?

ilary silvia very true
Ilary Blasi. Credits: Instagram

Barring further program changes, for now Ilary Blasi will not be a guest of Verissimo. What do you think?