Silvio Berlusconi at the Quirinale, Marina: “Against the mud machine dad”

The president of Mondadori and Fininvest spoke of the reactions provoked by a possible candidacy for Sivio Berlusconi’s Colle. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, he stressed that “the hypothesis of his candidacy was enough for, like the conditioned reflex of Pavlov’s dog, the executioner troops began to spread toxic gases again”

Among the hot topics of these days is the race to the Quirinale with full names at the center of the debate. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Marina Berlusconi also addresses the issue, highlighting what has raised the hypothesis of a candidacy by the Cavaliere al Colle. “My father has never put forward his candidacy, and so let’s keep to the facts. Then, if you ask a daughter, what do you think she answers? I only know that the hypothesis, the hypothesis, of her candidacy was enough. – continues the eldest daughter of the leader of Forza Italia – so that, like the conditioned reflex of Pavlov’s dog, the executioner troops would start spreading toxic gases again “.

Acquittal in the Ruby Ter case in Siena

The president of Mondadori and Fininvest thinks that “an increasing number of Italians realize how these alleged investigations were born only to splash mud”. And on the recent acquittal of Silvio Berlusconi in Siena in the Ruby Ter case: “That is a process that really defies all logic. The reality is that my father not only should be acquitted, but deserves almost incalculable moral compensation for the injustices suffered. And on the other hand, certain prosecutors and certain newspapers continue undaunted to conceive of themselves as ‘executioners’, devoted to the annihilation, through ideological fury or simply by calculation, of the ‘enemy’. His name is Silvio Berlusconi “.

Italy today looks different

Marina Berlusconi also analyzes the situation of our country, underlining the moment of relaunch and change. “Today’s Italy seems different. It is as if we were trying to show what we are capable of and what we could be: we seem a more responsible, more mature country. In practice, it was at least 60 years that our GDP did not grow beyond 6 per cent, even if the inflation theme should not be underestimated now “.

From the management of the pandemic to Mario Draghi

The number one of Fininvest and Mondadori also focuses on the management of the pandemic: “We are among the very first in the world for anti-Covid vaccinations, and I hope we will face the new wave coming in the same spirit”. And on Mario Draghi: “He returned the right weight to values ​​such as seriousness, authority, Europeanism. With him we got rid of many sorcerer’s apprentices and returned to the ethics of competence. Draghi played a fundamental role in creating the new climate that I seem to warn, and that it goes beyond his own work “.