Silvio Berlusconi in convalescence: “Who thought I was doomed was wrong”

“The recovery is proceeding. I am working hard to recover my strength. It takes time but I improve every day” said the leader of Forza Italia. “These injuries extend life”

Berlusconi is back on the scene with his decisive and combative attitude. “Recovery is proceeding. I’m working hard to regain my strength. It takes time but I’m getting better every day.” So to QN the leader of FI. “If someone gave me up for dead, he was definitely wrong and indeed, as is known, these injuries lengthen life,” he added. With regards to the party, “the work of renewal hasn’t stopped at all. I have continued to deal with it from the hospital. FI has always been renewed, from 1994 to today, without scrapping anyone. We will continue to do so, to prepare for the European elections and give life to a widespread presence, with a standard-bearer in every Italian municipality”. We, he said, are “the most loyal and consistent supporters of the prime minister’s excellent work. Giorgia is always in contact with me”.

Back to talking about politics

With regards to the flood, “for the moment it seems to me that the government has intervened with absolute speed and with adequate resources. Now the important thing is that the bureaucracy does not slow down the reconstruction phase”. Berlusconi also talks about reforms: “The direct election of the president is our historic battle, but we are willing to accept the formula that garners the most support, provided that a principle is safeguarded: that it is the citizens who choose who should lead the ‘executive”. On the administrative ballot: “There are many cities in the balance. If the voters go to vote, they can choose the centre-right model of good governance”. Compared to the drop in turnout, “in a democracy, voting is not only a right, it is also and above all a duty because if you don’t go to vote, you put democracy at risk”.