Simona Branchetti, do you know what her qualification is? Really unexpected!

Do you know what Simona Branchetti’s qualification is? It is really unexpected: we reveal it to you in this article dedicated to her

She is one of the conductors on the launch pad of the Biscione network. After the success achieved with “Morning News”, as well as leading the news, Branchetti will soon lead the Christmas version of Afternoon 5. In the corridors of Mediaset it is even rumored that she may take the place of Barbara D’Urso. But do you know what his qualification is? If you are curious to know, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Simona Branchetti, what is her educational qualification (Source: Instagram)

What is Simona Branchetti’s educational qualification

Simona Branchetti was born on August 15, 1976 in Meldola, in the province of Forlì-Cesena. She is 45 and a TV host on the launch pad. He started his career as a journalist in 2002, collaborating with the newspaper “La Voce di Forlì” and other local newspapers from Emilia-Romagna. He obtained the certificate of professional journalist in 2005.

At the same time it is also present in some entertainment programs of Odeon TV, Happy Channel and TMC. At Stream TV, on the other hand, he works in the drafting of the in-depth program (Focus) Agrinews and of the news stream StreamNews.

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In 2003 the big call arrives: Branchetti enters the editorial office of Sky TG24, where she leads the afternoon news program paired with Marco Congiu and the in-depth meteorological column “Bel tempo si spera”, of which she is also the author. He will remain with Sky until 2007, when he then moves to Mediaset.

Since October 2007 she has been on TG5 on Canale 5. She starts as presenter of the morning edition and since 2008 she leads the edition of 13, first paired with the journalist Giuseppe Brindisi and then alone since 2009. In the editorial office she deals with news and of issues related to well-being, medicine and health.

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Recently, the leaders of the Biscione have decided to “promote”, making them also dress the role of presenter. Branchetti was at the helm of “Morning News“, Spin-off of Mattino Cinque. The journalist did well and for this reason from 20 December 2021 to 14 January 2022 she will host the Christmas version of Afternoon Cinque, a program generally conducted by Barbara D’Urso on Canale 5.

In the corridors of Mediaset it is rumored that this could soon become a handover. If Branchetti were to confirm the numbers obtained with “Morning News”, it could definitely take over from D’Urso by the end of the year. For her it would be a real leap in quality.

But which of you knows what the educational qualification by Simona Branchetti? The journalist and TV presenter graduated in Law from the University of Bologna with a thesis in civil procedure.