Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi: revealed the ‘secrets’ about their intimate relationships

A life as a couple lived at 360 degrees, Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi have been together since 1995: the ‘secrets’ about their intimate relationships have been revealed

It was 1995 when Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi they are married. Since then they have formed a couple with a strong and indissoluble bond. The secret? Surely the full complicity that has always accompanied them.

Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi, the couple’s secrets on their intimate relationships (Credits: Instagram)

Before the marriage with Tognazzi, Simona Izzo had had two previous relationships. The first with Antonelli Venditti. The two had an affair from ’75 to ’78. From the previous marriage with the famous singer, Simona Izzo had a son, Francesco. The two former spouses to date no longer speak, Antonello Venditti explained the reason. Even before her love story with Antonello Venditti, however, her beloved actress had embarked on a long relationship with Maurizio Costanzo.

But it is with Ricky Tognazzi that true love blossoms, the one destined to last a lifetime. And here they are together, to date, after 27 years more complicit than ever. At La Stampa, in an interview, the actress and voice actress revealed the couple’s most intimate secrets. Here’s what she made it known.

Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi, revealed the intimate secrets of their intimate relationships

A passionate love, that’s how we could define the couple. The actress revealed the hottest and most intimate secrets of their encounters. When they were very young they could not fail to give in to the passion that united them, it was really difficult to resist that irrepressible desire. “When we were kids if we went two or three days without doing it, we damned ourselves“, He said Simona Izzo who, however, does not hesitate to tell how the couple’s relationship has evolved in recent years and in particular reveals what are the secrets to ignite the passion in bed with his accomplice Ricky Tognazzi.

It’s true it’s no longer about acrobatic sex, let’s say slow-motion sex. We are faster but slower, that’s it. Something that should last twenty minutes will last thirty-five. Couples in general, at some point, turn one on this side, one on the other, in bed and goodnight to the players“- and adds:” Sometimes instead of separating, they separate the beds. We will never separate them because the hands that intertwine in the king-size will be forever young“Said the writer.

simona izzo ricky tognazzi
(Credits: Instagram)

But the real ‘secret’ for an intimate relationship is the ‘balm’: “If it is true that I consider marriage an institution that provides for the sharing of evils and not that of goods, it is necessary to ensure that the wounds, because those are never lacking, have the comfort of a conjugal balm“, Says Simona Izzo who is keen to add one more detail:”Ah, but the vaginal balm would also be needed, right? Oh well ok, I go to the bathroom, I put it on and I don’t tell him. Yes, some secrets are needed