Simona Ventura and the difficult time lived with her partner: “She has always been close to me”

Alongside her partner Giovanni Terzi Simona Ventura lived a complex moment to say the least, a ordeal that would have destroyed anyone.

Simon Ventura she is a well-known presenter. Judge of XFactorpresenter of Temptation Islandin which even her ex-husband was present as a castaway, and sports presenter: Simona is Super Simo truly in all sauces.

Simon Ventura. Credits: YouTube

Ventura is one strong woman and tenacious and this is also given by his past. At one time in her life, she had to stand by her on her own husband in a moment really hard.
Let’s see together what it is

At the side of her partner: the difficult moment for Simona Ventura

Simon Ventura she is very strong and she is a solid woman. Above all, the presenter showed her own fortitude when one bad disease it hit him.

It’s about his partner John Terzi, journalist, writer, architect and television host. Like Simona, he too is good at everything he applies himself to.
In a past interview, however, Giovanni reveals that he is a star suffering for a terrible disease.

After several tests, he discovered he had one genetic pathology to the lungs. This was inherited from his mother and is a very delicate disease.
Terzi commuted for months between his home and the hospital to face the necessary treatments.

The journalist was not alone in his difficult period. Always at his side was his companion Simona ready to lend her a hand and, above all, courage.
For Giovanni she was just one rock and he found the strength only thanks to her.
When he no longer had energy and hopes were failing, Ventura was there with her smile to reassure him.

In an interview with the weekly Dipiù, Giovanni Terzi himself explained:

“In my illness she has always been close to me, like a rock. She has always kept up. In some moments she made me understand her concern for her, but she manages to sedate me, not make me increase my fears ”.

Terzi also revealed that if the treatments were to go well, a truly delicate operation could be avoided. It’s about the lung transplanta difficult operation even for the most prepared doctor.

fortune mate
Simon and John. Credits: Instagram

Simon Ventura he knows his stuff and he also knows that he can’t afford to fail his partner. A life with John Terzi it’s what he hopes for and he won’t let anything or anyone get between them. She’s found his soul mate and no hard times are going to upset them