Simona Ventura in swimsuit: on the beach without make-up and without filters

Simona Ventura, here she is in costume: the presenter shows herself on the beach without make-up and without filters.

Simona Ventura has always had a leading role in the Italian show business, the presenter has come a long way since her debut. Today she is certainly one of the most popular presenters. A few months ago we saw her at the helm of the new channel 5 program, Last Stop.

Simona without makeup (credits: instagram)

In the format he presented the protagonist couples, first explaining the reasons that led them to participate and then telling the steps taken along the way. Simona has been linked to Giovanni Terzi for some years. She often posts on social media with her partner where she always shows a dazzling smile. She to her The courier revealed her to have a great desire, they want to get married. Several times they were forced to postpone the event for external reasons: “Every time we say we will get married, a pandemic starts again, a war breaks out ”. But apparently the couple have no plans to put aside the dream of marrying and they want to throw a big party without masks.

In the same interview, the presenter said that the journalist is the man who completes her, who has always sought and who makes her happy and serene. Simona on social media, where she is followed by almost 2 million followers, she publishes many shots together with her partner. The last one dates back to a few weeks ago, they are at the sea, smiling and happy: “Finally with you love”, wrote in support. Apparently the presenter has been enjoying the summer in the last few days and does not fail to update those who follow her by publishing always different images: she was also shown in costume, natural and without filters.

Simona Ventura in costume: she shows herself on the beach without make-up and without any type of filter

Despite being always very busy, the presenter managed to take a few days off to relax in the sun, sea and lots of love. In a reel she wore a yellow costume and showed herself in different poses.

We see her on the boat, on the beach and in the water and she sports a great physique accompanied by a wonderful smile. The host does not hide using filters or makeup and she shows herself completely natural. There are many images in which we can admire her without make-up and with her hair without a crease while she is wearing one-piece swimsuits but also bikinis.

simona ventura without makeup
Simona ventura, costume (credits: instagram)

For example, in the last reel shared with his followers, he first shows off a one-piece swimsuit blue and some sunglasses and later here she is with a two-piece bikini.

simona ventura without makeup
Simona ventura, costume (credits. Instagram)

Simona Ventura does not hide, on the beach she appears without make-up and without filters, as beautiful as she is when she appears on television with accentuated make-up and more elegant clothing.