Simona Ventura talks about her ex-husband: she confesses once and for all

Simona Ventura talks about her ex-husband and once and for all she decides to tell her truth and confess what happened.

Simon Ventura she is a well-known leader. She is an expert in singing, football, but also gossip; in short, Ventura is not wrong.

Simona Ventura ex husband (Credit Instagram) sologossip

The presenter is also famous for her love storiesespecially the one with the former footballer Stefano Bettarini. After six years of marriage and two children comes their inexorable separation and Ventura confesses everything once and for all.
Here’s what happened with her ex-husband

Confess everything once and for all: Simona Ventura talks about her ex-husband

Simon Ventura she is a strong, determined and also outspoken woman. Famous for many years, the presenter has not always had easy moments.

La Ventura has in his past a “failed marriage” with the former footballer Stefano Bettarini. The two got married in 1998 and two beautiful children were born from their love.
After many betrayals on the part of the sportsman, Simona requests the separation in 2004 and then the divorce in 2008.

Simona Ventura ex husband
Simona Ventura, the confession (Photo: Instagram) – sologossip

In a past interview, the presenter talks about her ex-husband and their story.
“Was a media story. It was his moment of light in football and in my work. Mediatically I’ve always been on top of him: for me we should have been united, but it wasn’t like that” Simona confesses once and for all and tells herself: “When you are married you pretend not to see the horn, wives know. I pretended not to know.”

Ventura was very upset about this marriage, especially since he denied to if star the truth. She understood that her husband wasn’t faithful, but he didn’t want to show weakness so he kept everything inside her.

Like the first drama he experienced in his adolescence. Perhaps not many know that Simona has decided to abort when he was 19.
In the first sexual intercourse at 19 years old, i got pregnant. One wound remains. He was a great love” says the woman and adds: “I never told him anything, because it was my choice and for years it created psychological consequences for me”.

Simon Ventura talks about his love past mainly focusing on his past marriage with Stefano Bettarini. Her ex-husband made her suffer a lot, but she came out stronger and with even more desire to find love