Simona Ventura, the background on Maria De Filippi appears: everyone is moved

Simona Ventura in an interview revealed a background on Maria De Filippi: what she said leaves everyone moved.

Simon Ventura when he has to say something he never holds back and in recent hours some of his statements have had considerable development in which he spoke of Maria De Filippi but also of Alfonso Signorini. In fact, the presenter openly expressed her opinion in an interview with Tag24 magazine. You focused your attention first on the famous journalist and then on the program that you have been carrying on with great success for about four editions.

Simona Ventura told what Maria De Filippi did-Credits: ansa/mediaset play (sologossip)

He spoke about Big Brother Vip saying that today, at home, as competitors, there are no longer the strong names of the past, those with great careers behind them. Precisely for this reason Signorini is doing a great job and with extraordinary results. He gave the latter his most sincere compliments of him: “Alfonso is really good because he managed to create internal dynamics with very little“. However, you wanted to dwell on an important point regarding the format.

Simona put on the table the fact that the reality show has reached its 23rd edition and that in her opinion it needs a change: “Reality shows change and I see the future recorded, like Temptation Island, to be clear”. After leaving nice words for the host he also had a thought for Maria De Filippi, revealing a background which no one knew about.

Simona Ventura reveals a ‘background’ on Maria De Filippi: here’s what she said

Simon Ventura during the interview with Tag24 magazine she told what he did for her Maria DeFilippi. He explained that she will always be grateful to the presenter of friends: “I will always be grateful to her. She made me work at a very difficult moment in my career, I’m very close to her”. You said that when you were in Rai and Maria in Mediaset there was always a sincere friendship between them that has never been broken despite the professional relationships with different companies.

simona ventura, background on Maria De Filippi
What did Maria de Filippi do for Simona Ventura-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

The presenter also talked about disappearance of Maurizio Costanzo. He specified that this is a serious lack but he knows that his colleague has incredible strength: “I think she is the symbol of a generation, even in the sentence she said about going back to work”. Phrase that Maria De Filippi said when she returned to work, a few days after the journalist’s death, in the episode of Amici that we will see on Sunday 12 March 2023. Simona also had precious words for Costanzo.

Also in the interview, he said that with him it was possible to talk about any subject, because he had immense knowledge, an intellectual heritage that does not belong to everyone. She then shifted her attention to what happened at his funeral, where thousands and thousands of people from all over Italy came to give him their last respects: “He is an extraordinary journalist, with an incredible irony and a crazy culture”.