Simona Ventura, who is her partner Giovanni Terzi: what she does in life and the illness she spoke of

Simona Ventura, who is her companion Giovanni Terzi: what she does in life and the illness she spoke of; the background that not everyone knows.

A love born in 2018, which grows more every day. It is what binds Simona Ventura to his partner Giovanni Terzimore and more accomplices and united.

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi (Instagram Credits)

A large extended family, where no one is left behind ”: it is with these words that the host defined the family she created with Giovanni. Three of Simona’s children, Niccolò, Giacomo and Caterina, and two of her partner, Ludovico Giulio, born from her previous marriages. All united by a special bond. But who is Giovanni Terzi and what does he do in life? Let’s get to know him better.

Who is Giovanni Terzi, companion of Simona Ventura

Son of the famous journalist Antonio Terzi, Giovanni Terzi, born in 1964, is also a well-known Journalist, among others he signs Il Giornale, host, writer as well as architect. In the past also involved in politics, he often appeared on TV as a guest and commentator. And perhaps on one of these occasions he met his great love for him, Simona Ventura. The feeling was born in 2018, as declared by Terzi himself to the weekly Oggi at the beginning of 2019: it is in that period that their story was made official. And, since that moment, their bond, made up of love, mutual esteem and respect, has been strengthened more and more.

Giovanni Terzi talks about his illness

In August 2021, through a video posted on his Instagram channel, the journalist spoke for the first time about the lung disease he is suffering from: “For about a year I have been trying to cure myself of a lung disease which comes from genetics and which is slowly killing my lungs, I am at minus 40% of lung capacity, if by chance, thanks to a novax I catch Covid again, my risk of survival would be very limited. ” A painful confession, that of Terzi, and an invitation to the population to get vaccinated.

Giovanni Terzi also spoke to Storie Italiane about his illness last year. In the Rai Uno broadcast, Ventura’s partner explained that he had discovered he had the disease, inherited from his mother, after a series of analyzes. The reporter explained that it is a degenerative diseasewho has to treat with medicines: “Every month I go to the hospital and they give me the therapy, they are monoclonal treatments and can give annoying complications.”

simona ventura comrade
Simona Ventura and her partner (Instagram Credits)

To help him tackle this obstacle too, there is her, Simona Ventura. “In illness you have always been close to me like a rock. She has always held out. In some moments she made me understand her concern for her, but she manages to sedate me, not to increase my fears ”, she told Storie Italiane.