Simple Minds, Jim Kerr tells Direction of the Heart, the album at the solstice of the soul

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For those who do not yet know the way and yearn for it, just wait until 21 October when it will be published Direction of The Heartthe new work of Simple Mindsthe eighteenth of their history, the direction of the heart, in fact. The project is designer BMG and is anticipated by the individual Vision Thing already available on digital platforms and that an almost operatic incipit that hypnotizes, a journey to the center of the universe that enhances the uniqueness of the human being, both as a man and how to act as a human. Right in the BMG headquarters in Milan I met the soul of the Scottish, Jim Kerr.

It is a profound journey into human sensitivity Direction of the Heart. He is the son of a forty-year career that brings under the stage, to share brotherhood, four generations of humanity. And Jim Kerrfrontman of that extraordinary band called Simple Mindshe says that we reach the solstice of life, whether it is summer or winter (and he speaks of it romantically and poetically in the passage Solstice Kiss) “following the inner voice, an important aspect for Simple Minds. Sometimes we only get perched on the feeling of what we should do and see, you have no guarantee of being on the right path, but if you feel it that is the path”. We have to wait until October 21st to listen to the album, which I had the privilege of hearing a preview to prepare for my meeting with Jim Kerr. One of the things that I found most intriguing is the heterogeneity of the songs, also and above all musically. Each is a photograph of a world. THE Simple Minds have chosen Vision thing as a presentation single: “It is not only the song that introduces us to the album – explains Kerr – it was also the first track we wrote. We wrote many songs, but this one immediately seemed strong to us and we thought it represented the direction we wanted to follow “. In short Vision thing is the magic word that takes us into the world of the band. And, I admit, it’s an engaging departure because it conveys that sense of brotherhood that you breathe in Simple Minds’ lives: “When you get on stage you really feel a fraternity with everyone. And when they are on stage the protagonist becomes the energy, the collective energy. It’s like a loop: you give energy to the public and the public gives it back. ” The magic is that, as if by osmosis, this exchange is beautiful, human, powerful when it comes to Simple Minds it also comes through albums. On the other hand, the direction of the heart knows no walls or boundaries. Indeed, those who are building around our lives crumbles them.