Simpson, Homer will no longer strangle Bart in season 35

Times change and even the authors of the Simpsons have adapted to contemporary sensitivity by deciding to put aside a historic gag from the animated comedy, beloved for over 34 years: the strangulation scene. The moments in which Homer grabbed Bart by the neck were one of the most famous scenes between the two characters in the animated TV series that has been airing since 1989. The decision sparked several reactions online.

Times have changed

In a scene from the third episode of the thirty-fifth season of Simpsons, the one currently underway, the character of Homer has announced that he will no longer strangle his son Bart. The episode in question is titled McMansion & Wife, and aired in the United States on October 22. At the beginning of the episode Homer meets Thayer, his new neighbor. When he shakes his hand, the man compliments him on the very strong grip. “See, Marge, strangling the boy paid off for him,” says Homer, who then adds, “I’m joking, I don’t do it anymore. Times have changed”.

The controversies

Some media have argued with the choice: the British newspaper GB News for example, he declared that the producers of Simpsons they would have taken care not to offend the viewers too much, speaking of a “woke” turning point in the series, that is, indicating an attitude of those who are attentive and committed to social injustices, but with a sarcastic connotation. The Guardian film critic Stuart Heritage recalled that this is nothing new: Homer stopped strangling Bart a few years ago and to be precise since the thirty-first season aired between 2019 and 2020.