Sinead O’Connor, cause of death revealed

Sinead O’Connor she died of natural causes. The British coroner has ruled on the death of the beloved Irish artist (PHOTO). The news was reported by Variety magazine.

Sinead O’Connor, the cause of the disappearance

On 26 July 2023 Sinead O’Connor was found lifeless in her home. The British police have always maintained the utmost confidentiality about her disappearance, but decided not to treat it as a case of suspicious death. Months later, the British coroner ruled on the matter.

Southwark Crown Court issued a very short statement putting an end to the story. The English coroner told the magazine: “We confirm Ms O’Connor’s death was due to natural causes. The coroner is therefore no longer involved in the case.”

The Irish singer-songwriter marked a generation by becoming one of the most magnetic and influential voices and artists on the international scene. Born in Dublin on 8 December 1966, Sinead O’Connor rose to prominence with her second album I Don’t Want What I Haven’t Got containing the hit Nothing Compares 2 U reached the top of the charts in many countries.

Over the years Sinead O’Connor has experimented by conquering audiences and critics, among her most acclaimed albums we find Universal Mother, Faith and Courage And Throw Down Your Arms. As for individuals, let’s remember The Emperor’s New Clothes, Thank You for Hearing Me, Fire on Babylon And No Man’s Woman.