Sing 2, the final trailer of the highly anticipated sequel increases the hype exponentially

The final trailer for Sing 2, the highly anticipated musical animation film that is the sequel to the masterpiece released in 2016.
The video that anticipates what we will see in this second chapter of the adventures led by the koala Buster, the theatrical impresario who in this second act will have to debut (and take off) a new show at the Crystal Tower Theater in the glittering Redshore City, promises not to disappoint. the expectations that the original film had nurtured us in the slightest.

Music is clearly the great protagonist, there is no doubt, however it can count on the presence of supporting actors not to be underestimated. The other top ingredients that make the recipe of Sing 2 highly succulent are suspense, enthusiasm, adrenaline, twists, challenge … And a lot, a lot of heart connected to the uvula.

If the audio system with which the film will be seen – which will be released on 23 December (with previews for the public already on 11 and 12 December) – must be flawless, let’s say that even to fully enjoy this trailer you will have to raise the maximum volume of computer, tablet or smartphone.

This final trailer promises a level of enthusiasm directly proportional to the volume level at which you will hear it: at the ball, pass the “technicality”.

Released a few hours ago by Illumination and Universal Pictures, the final trailer for Sing 2 it’s already making everyone who watched it go wild. And it increases the already noticeable hype by not a few notches.

You can watch the final trailer of “Sing 2” in the video you find at the top of this article.

The film

Sing 2 is the animated feature film made by Illumination for Universal as a follow-up to the 2016 hit film, which was acclaimed by critics and audiences.

This new chapter of what is now a franchise is written and directed once again by Garth Jennings (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Son of Rambow – Rambo’s Son, Sing).

We had left the cast of impresario Buster Moon after the mission accomplished in the 2016 film, after following the adventures of the group of animals who had organized a singing competition to save the Moon Theater run by the koala from closure.

In this new animated and musical adventure, the same protagonists will have to leave the Moon Theater they had saved (and restored to its ancient splendor) to perform on the stage of a big city, the capital of pure entertainment.

The koala Buster Moon now has a new mission to accomplish: to debut and above all take off his new show at the prestigious Crystal Tower Theater, located in the glittering Redshore City.

To this already arduous mission (not to say “impossible”, to quote Bond), another very difficult mission will be added: Buster and his associates will have to find the legend of rock Clay Calloway (mythical lion who has retired from the scene for years now) and convince him to return to the stage to perform with them.

The vocal cast

In the original version of the sequel (as well as of the first film), the koala Buster is played by Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey (of which right now he expects to find out if he will run or not as Governor of Texas).

Reese Witherspoon lends the uvula to the pig Rosita, Scarlett Johansson vocally plays the rocker hedgehog Ash and Taron Egerton will drop into the vocal cords of the gorilla Johnny.

And again, Tory Kelly will be the shy elephantess Meena, Nick Kroll the little pig Gunter who loves to provoke and finally – drum roll – the lion Clay Calloway will be played by none other than Bono Vox.

In the Italian version of Sing 2, Francesco Prando will be Buster Moon; comedian and actor Frank Matano will play Darius; Jenny De Nucci will be Porsha Crystal; Valentina Vernia will lend her voice to Nooshy and, listen listen (literally): instead of Bono we will have our legendary rock star, namely Adelmo Fornaciari, better known by the general public as Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari.

The strength of the film: the emotion of the concert, off limits in pandemic times

The subtitle of Sing 2, in our local edition, it reads: “Ever stronger”.
A prophetic subtitle because what this film is turning out to be is just something stronger and stronger. The unprecedented power of the musical adventure that Garth Jennings tells us this year lies in the fact that it seems more like the date of a highly anticipated live concert rather than a film.

The franchise is turning out to be an exciting musical tour and, if Buster & Co.’s first concert was in 2016 (i.e. in unsuspecting times for live music off limits, since well before the outbreak of the pandemic), this time the things have changed. A lot, unfortunately.

On 23 December 2021, the theatrical release date of Sing 2, it sounds very different, precisely because it is unusually it sounds: after months and months of locked stages, absolutely forbidden live music, empty arenas and stadiums, finally being able to enjoy a musical adventure with an epic concert like the one we will see and hear in this film brings tears to your eyes.

A new audience, changed and deeply marked by the pandemic

This sequel encounters changed souls compared to those of the first film: the fans of music hungry to listen to it live, the many workers in the sector who unfortunately have not been able to practice their profession for too long, all the huge machine that used to roar and that has had to suddenly shut down the engines are today a sore chorus.

But this choir will find perhaps in this film the strength not to lose heart, hoping to return to the glories of the mega concert that Buster Moon the impresario and all the other singers will give us.

The fact of being released at the end of 2021, a week before 2022, pays off Sing 2 even more unmissable than it would have been anyway, even if everything we have lived – and are still living today, alas – it was just a bad dream.
The health emergency taught us that human relationships and music help in all moments of one’s life, including the most critical and dark ones when singing on the balconies made us hope that everything could go well.

Let’s now sing together with Buster Moon and his cast, enjoying all the excitement of a great live event that will enter the history of the big screen. Hoping to see many more, live and without fear of contagion.