Singapore also celebrates Rome’s Christmas

An event to promote Italy’s candidacy for Expo 2030

The Birth of Rome is also being celebrated in Singapore today: with an event organized by the Embassy and dedicated to our capital, a millennial protagonist of the history of the Mediterranean and now ready to face the new challenges of the future. The event was held in the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Singapore in the presence of local authorities, the diplomatic world, media representatives and Singaporean influencers, and was aimed at promoting Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030.

“Even if we know that Singapore is not a BIE member – declared the Italian Ambassador to Singapore, Mario Vattani – the role of this city-state, a strategic hub in the fastest growing region of the world, gives us the opportunity to of Rome in a place that is taken as an example by the whole of South East Asia, and present the next major international events that will take place there this year, such as the Ryder Cup 2023, one of the most watched sporting events in the world together with Olympics and the World Cup, which will be held in the autumn, as well as the final stage of the Giro d’Italia. Appointments that will demonstrate the organizational skills of Rome, which turns 2,776 today”.

Among the sponsors of the event, also Campari and Angra Wine, which on the occasion presented prestigious wines from Lazio and central Italy. But there was also a special and unpublished moment during the evening, dedicated to the historic Tuscan cigar.