Single check 2023, amounts and payments: latest INPS news

All information on raises and allowances

The INPS adjusts the amounts of the single and universal check (Auu) and updates the payment methods. In fact, families are entitled to an automatic increase in the amount of the Auu with retroactive effect, from January 2023. This is what we read in a note that recalls how it is established by the 2023 Budget Law and the conditions for obtaining it are contained in the INPS Circular No. 41 of 7 April 2023.

In detail, the increase will be recognized in the amount of 50% of the allowance for: dependent children under one year of age; each child in the age group from one to three years, in the case of families with at least three children and an ISEE not exceeding 43,240 euros. Furthermore, families with four children will benefit from the 50 percent increase, while families with disabled people will see the increases provided for according to the degree of disability for adult children (up to the age of 21) equal to those of disabled minors.

Also with regard to payments, INPS announces news. In fact, from the 10th to the 20th of each month – thanks to a simplified investigation of the Auu applications – the amount of the checks that have not changed compared to the previous month will be paid; while from the 20th to the 30th, that for new applications received in the previous month and for checks which – compared to the previous month – undergo variations due to changes in the conditions of the beneficiary nucleus and of the ISEE.