Single child allowance 2022, paycheck: here’s who could lose

The employer will remove some tax deductions from the slip

Single child allowance 2022, what changes in the paycheck? Will anyone lose us? From March, looking at the payslip will give employees a blow, when they realize that the paycheck has been cut, we read on Not because the employer has lowered his salary: it will be the effect of the entry into force of the universal single allowance for children. In practice, the employer will no longer include the tax deduction for children and the current family allowance in the slip. Which means that your paycheck net will be lower than usual.

And the missing part? The amount destined to disappear from the paycheck must be paid by INPS directly into the current account as a single allowance for children. At the beginning it should compensate for the part that the employer will no longer recognize, but not for everyone: only those who have an ISEE up to 25 thousand euros, doing the math, will realize that nothing has changed, except the fact of receive the same sum from two different subjects (company and INPS). The problem arises for those who have an economic indicator higher than that figure. And in a few years, not just for them. Here’s why.

The introduction of the single check in March 2022 involves the so-called ‘invariance clause’ which, in practice, guarantees the worker not to lose money compared to before. This clause, however, only intervenes on households with Isee up to 25 thousand euros and only for the first year, ie until March 2023. In 2023 it will be valid for 2/3 of the year and in 2024 for 1/3. After this period, with the contribution fully operational in 2025, to find out if you gain, lose or stay the same with the single allowance for children, you will need to refer to only one parameter: the ISEE. The lower the indicator, the higher the check. And viceversa.

As a result of the invariance clause, therefore, those with an ISEE higher than 25 thousand euros could already see some difference (in negative) in the paycheck of March 2022. It should be remembered, in fact, that the full check will be 175 euros per month , up to 260 euros starting from the third child and another 100 euros in total if there are four or more children. When we talk about “full allowance” we mean that intended for families with an Isee of up to 15 thousand euros (about half of Italian families): from this threshold onwards, in fact, the amount of the contribution begins to gradually decrease until it reaches to the Isee threshold of 40 thousand euros. At that point, those who have an economic indicator equal to or greater than that figure will take a check of 50 euros per month or 65 from the third child.