Single child allowance 2022: who is entitled to, requirements, amount

The legislative decree establishing it was approved yesterday: when and how to apply, how it will be paid

Single child allowance 2022, who is it and what are the requirements? Established yesterday by the Council of Ministers, the monthly economic benefit is intended for families according to the economic condition of the nucleus, based on the indicator of the equivalent economic situation (Isee).

WHO IS IT, REQUIREMENTS – More specifically, theuniversal single check it is recognized for families for each dependent minor child and starts from the seventh month of pregnancy. It is also recognized for each dependent adult child, up to the age of 21, in the presence of any of the following conditions: the dependent adult child attends a school or professional training course, or a degree course or carries out an internship or a job with a total income of less than 8,000 euros or is registered as unemployed and looking for a job with public employment services or perform universal civil service.

AMOUNT – For about half of Italian families (up to 15,000 euros) it is 175 euros per month for the first and second child and 260 from the third onwards. Surcharges are envisaged for each minor child with disabilities, for each adult child with disability up to the age of twenty-first, for mothers under the age of 21, for families with four or more children. The allowance is recognized without age limits for each child with a disability.

WHEN AND HOW TO APPLY – The application for the recognition of the fellowship is presented starting from January 1st. The application is submitted electronically to the INPS or at the patronage institutes. For households earning citizenship income, the single and universal allowance is paid ex officio jointly with the citizenship income and according to the methods of disbursement of the latter, subtracting the quota foreseen for minor children.

HOW IT WILL BE PAID – For the disbursement of the single allowance for children, the pay slip mechanism was abandoned “because it is a measure that is aimed at everyone, regardless of the type of work. The transfer is simple and immediate. And why we should have activated differentiated procedures for each worker that would have slowed down payments. All applications forwarded to INPS by June 2022 will give the right to the allowance retroactively from March 2022 “. This was stated, in an interview with ‘la Repubblica’, by the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti.

The new allowance will reach “over 7 million” families “with children which also include those who have already applied for the bridge allowance in July and those who receive the family allowances that we have increased since July”. “Almost all families will have higher amounts. The simulations that are circulating do not correspond to the truth – he continues – And even in the event of any losses we have added an increase clause on purpose”. “Those who do not present the ISEE will receive the minimum amount – explains the minister – There are many reasons why a family may not want to present the ISEE and we must respect them. The measure has a universal character and goes to all girls and women. children who have the right to be supported “.