Sinisa Mihajlovic, the smiles that her daughters gave him: the moments of true joy

Sinisa Mihajlovic lived moments of real joy in the company of her two daughters, but who are they? What do we know about the two young women.

Truly dramatic news that, without a doubt, left everyone speechless: Sinisa Mihajlovic is dead! Three years after the announcement of the onset of his illness, the beloved coach has lost his battle against leukemia.

Sinisa mihajlovic. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

It was exactly the summer of 2019 when Sinisa Mihajlovic, during a press conference, he announced the beginning of his battle against leukemia. Today, more than three years after his words, an announcement arrives that no one ever wanted to receive: the coach has lost his battle. Why yes, it’s really a real battle we’re talking about!

Right from the start, the good Mihajlovic proved to be a warrior and to have every intention of winning against this nasty disease. On the other hand, Sinisa was by no means alone in this fight. At her side, in fact, there have always been the women in her life: Arianna, with whom she shared 25 years of marriage, and her two daughters. It is precisely with them that the former Bologna coach lived the most difficult years of his life and to whom we send our condolences today.

Who are Viktorjia and Virginia, the two daughters of Sinisa Mihajlovic

We are certain that the names of Viktorija and Virginia Mihajlovic will not be new to you at all. Although to date the two very young girls are completely distant from the world of TV, but very active on social networks, they are remembered by all for having participated in L’Isola dei fame in 2019. On that occasion, in fact, the pair of sisters had demonstrated its values ​​extensively. And how indispensable and important one’s family was. In fact, how can we forget when – once eliminated from the game and back in Italy – the coach welcomed them into the studio in a long and warm embrace.

It is precisely with her family and, above all, with her two daughters that Sinisa has experienced difficult moments, especially in recent years, but above all with joy. And the numerous shots that both Virginia and Viktorija used to share on their social channels confirm this.

sinisa vicky
Sinisa and her daughter. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

A large family, that of Sinisa Mihajlovic, who will surely have given her all the energy and strength to overcome this battle.

Who is Arianna, the greatest love of her life

A truly large family, the one that Sinisa Mihajlovic headed and that he had managed to build together with his Arianna. Do you know who she is? Many will remember her, we are sure of it. In fact, we are talking about Arianna Rapaccioni, a former showgirl and beloved TV face. The two, as many know, got married way back in 1996 and then repeated their wedding vows in Sardinia 25 years later.

Sinisa and Arianna have therefore spent the best moments of their lives together! In fact, not only have they become parents of five children, but they have experienced the thrill of becoming grandparents. In fact, in 2020, young Virginia became the mother of little Violante.

Ariadne and Sinisa
Ariadne and Sinisa Instagram. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

Our sincere condolences go out to Arianna, Virginia, Viktorija and the entire Mihajlovic family!