Sinnai massacre, Zuncheddu acquitted after 33 years in prison: “End of a nightmare”

The farmer was sentenced to life imprisonment for the Sinnai massacre, in which three shepherds were killed

After a life sentence and 33 years in prison, Beniamino Zuncheddu was acquitted and is free again. The former breeder was acquitted in the review process by the judges of the Court of Appeal of Rome. Zuncheddu had been sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of being the author of Sinnai massacre (Cagliari) on 8 January 1991 in which three shepherds were killed. With the judges’ decision, Zuncheddu, in the courtroom today to read the sentence, is freed after 33 years in prison. “It’s the end of a nightmare,” he says after his acquittal “for not having committed the crime.”

At the hearing last November 14, Luigi Pinna, the survivor of the massacre, admitted that the policeman who was leading the investigation at the time showed him the photo of Zuncheddu, indicating him as the culprit. Zuncheddu was acquitted today “for not having committed the crime”.

The judges of the Court of Appeal of Rome also ordered the transmission of documents to the Capitoline prosecutor’s office in relation to three testimonies given in the courtroom, including that of the former policeman. The reasons for the sentence will be filed within 90 days.

“Beniamino is an incredible person who didn’t deserve what he suffered,” says lawyer Mauro Trogu, Zuncheddu’s defender. “We studied a lot with the consultants who supported me, we were deeply convinced of Beniamino’s innocence: the papers spoke of absolutely contradictory evidence against him – explains the criminal lawyer – and the defense investigations demonstrated the falsity of those evidence against load: only those that were exonerated remained. And then because we met Beniamino. I hope that anyone who has even just the slightest doubt can drink a coffee together and this doubt will be erased.”