Sinner beaten in the final, Djokovic wins the 2023 ATP Finals

The Serbian won 6-3, 6-3

Jannik Sinner defeated in the final, Novak Djokovic wins the 2023 ATP Finals. The Serbian, number 1 in the world, beats the Italian, number 4 in the rankings, in the final 6-3, 6-3 in 1h43′. The 36-year-old from Belgrade wins his eighth title in the event. Sinner, capable of beating Djokovic on Wednesday in the group stage match, surrendered in the final against a practically perfect opponent.

“Congratulations Nole for this week. You and your team are demonstrating incredible professionalism. You started the season by winning, you ended it by winning. You are an inspiration for everyone, not only for those who are watching but above all for the players” , says Sinner, paying homage to his opponent, with whom he lost 4 of the 5 direct matches. The Italian now turns the page and focuses on the Davis Cup, with the match against the Netherlands starting on November 23: “We still have the Davis Cup, let’s try to do well there too.”

Sinner then thanks his team: “In the last three months we have played many matches this season, we have made a lot of progress and we have been lucky enough to play against the best in the world. Even today we saw that we can improve many things but we must first of all look at the many positive things done. At the beginning of the year I was a player, now I’m completely different.”

“It was a super week, you welcomed me like a little child and gave me a lot of strength especially in difficult moments, not only on the pitch but also off the pitch”, thanks to the public. “Playing in Italy is always a spectacle.”

The match

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 3-6Sinner raises the white flag, surrenders with a double fault: game, set and match Djokovic.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 3-5Djokovic seems human, now there is a match even in the Serb’s service turns. At 40-40, Sinner has a comfortable forehand at his disposal: he misses it, Nole thanks it and with an ace he flies 5-3.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 3-4Sinner has to fight for every ball against an opponent who almost always executes in the best way without making mistakes.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 2-4Djokovic, after a good hour without mistakes, lowers the level. The serve doesn’t go in, a baseline error arrives and Sinner has two break points available. The Serbian cancels both and continues his run.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 2-3Sinner stays in the game, attacks and takes home a game without any particular worries.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 1-3Djokovic continues to grind out points in his service rounds and extends.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 1-2Sinner cancels three very heavy break points and tries to cling to the match by his nails: 1-2.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 0-2The game is a monologue, with only one protagonist.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6, 0-1The second set starts very badly. Sinner is in confusion and immediately gives up the serve to zero.

Second set

Sinner-Djokovic 3-6Djokovic has to resort to the second ball on a couple of occasions, but no difference is noticeable: 6-3 and first set in the safe in 38 minutes.

Sinner-Djokovic 3-5At 30-30, the blue player draws two aces that avoid trouble and keep the set open.

Sinner-Djokovic 2-5There is no play on the Serb’s serve. The second ball is practically never needed and Sinner, one of the best on the circuit when it comes to returning, does not come into play.

Sinner-Djokovic 2-4Even for Sinner a smooth game after the empty pass.

Sinner-Djokovic 1-4The world number 1 borders on perfection, with the bonus of 5 aces in 3 rounds of service: 4-1.

Sinner-Djokovic 1-3Sinner tries to vary the game so as not to end up crushed by Djokovic’s regularity. The Serbian, down 40-15, is pardoned by a soft volley and climbs up to get the first break point. The blue loses control of the forehand, 1-3.

Sinner-Djokovic 1-2Djokovic lands 2 more aces, the 2-1 comes without problems.

Sinner-Djokovic 1-1Sinner presents himself by winning a very tough exchange, in which Djokovic surrenders after having recovered the unrecoverable. The blue concedes 2 points and ends the game at the net with a complex demivolee: 1-1.

Sinner-Djokovic 0-1Djokovic opens the challenge on serve: two aces, game to zero.

First set