Sinner, Binaghi crowns Jannik: “Destined to be number 1”

The president of the tennis federation rejoices after the triumph in Beijing

Jannik Sinner can become world number 1. This is the prediction of Angelo Binaghi, president of Federtennis, who crowns the Italian after his triumph in the Beijing 2023 ATP tournament. Sinner, number 4 in the rankings from next Monday, defeated the Russian Daniil Medvedev in 2 sets. “Today we must have the ability to understand that in 110 years of history Italian tennis has never had an opportunity like this. We cannot help but be his fans and stand by him with due respect and defend him from unjustified accusations, such as those on his failure to participate in the Davis Cup”, says Binaghi, reiterating to Adnkronos his position on the criticisms that have hit the South Tyrolean champion in the recent past.

“Celebrating the tournament won in Beijing? No – he replies -, whether he had lost or won, this is a stage in a journey which has the objective of being the strongest in the world, there is nothing to celebrate. In This week he demonstrated that he is a player of great talent, heart and courage. He beat Alcaraz and Medvedev, he has all it takes to be number one. He knows very well that he must not let himself go to his head and will have to continue to work harder than before. there are some things he needs to perfect, today for example he showed serve and volley, but he knows the value of the work and its usefulness thoroughly”, he adds.