Sinner in Monte Carlo, Pietrangeli: “I also have residence in Monaco…”

“If Jannik lives there it’s certainly not because of the taxes”

“Sinner? I also live in Montecarlo like him. I have already planned my funeral: I would like it at the Foro Italico”. Nicola Pietrangeli, legend of Italian tennis, confesses to Un giorno da pecora, the Rai Radio1 programme.

“I just turned 90 but when I lie in bed or sit I feel 40 or 50,” he says. Yesterday Pietrangeli took part in the meeting between the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Azzurri who won the Davis Cup at the Quirinale. Leading the group is Jannik Sinner, fresh from his victory in the 2024 Australian Open. “It was wonderful, Mattarella really amazed me, you can see that he has a liking for me, I understood it from a few episodes. Once I asked the his secretary if I could have an audience with the President, he had me call back to ask me if I preferred Tuesday or Thursday. We met and chatted for 40 minutes”, he says. Is there friendship with the Head of State? “I don’t allow myself to use that term, I would rather say that there is a feeling…”.

Pietrangeli has made ‘rough’ statements towards Sinner in the past. These days there is great controversy over the tax residence in Monte Carlo of the Azzurri. “If he is there it is certainly not for a tax issue, this is nonsense. For that matter, I also have residence there. I worked in Monte Carlo because the Prince of Monaco asked me to, who wanted to promote the area. So much so that I am a commander and great officer of Montecarlo”. Then, the revelation: Pietrangeli on Un Giorno da Pecora explains that he has already planned his funeral. “I asked Giovanni Malagò if I will be able to have my funeral in the field of the Foro Italico which leads my name.” Why right there? “There is a car park, there are three thousand seats and, if it rains, the coffin is placed in the underpass and postponed until the next day.” What music would you like? “Charles Aznavour for the function and for the final part ‘My Way'”, explained the former champion.