Sinner, Max Giusti: “I cried for him, he slept on my sofa and I will never sell him again”

“The great thing is that he always wants to improve. He’s a true champion”

“I met Jannik who was 12 and a half years old, when my friend Alex Vittur told me ‘I saw the strongest boy there is’. He was from Sesto Pusteria, Alex was the strongest tennis player there, a friend of mine, he played in my tennis team, from there began the story of this fantastic little boy who has people around him who have always protected him, cared for him, made sure that he lacked nothing for his growth. It’s a beautiful story “. Max Giusti, who interviewed Jannik Sinner at the ‘SuperTennis Awards 2023’ in December, comments on Sinner’s triumph at the Australian Open to Adnkronos.

I cried for Jannikfor Alex, for his family – says Giusti, who is also a Fit advisor – I love tennis, I am lucky enough to have a tennis academy, to work with the Italian Tennis Federation and see these kids. And since Jannik slept on my couch, I think I won’t sell it anymore“. “The great thing is that he always wants to improve – continues Max Giusti – He is the Italian player who has invested the most in his team, Jannik questions himself every time he makes a mistake and does not leave the field until he has learned a new thing. He’s a true champion“.

And again: “Many think he’s cold, icy, but that’s not the case: he’s a boy full of emotions, only that he’s learned to manage them, and he’s so friendly that it’s difficult for me to crack a joke before him when we’re among friends.” With jokes he fools me both on and off the court. I still remember one evening in Rome, during the Tennis Internationals, when we went to my friend Angelone at the Spaghettari, in Trastevere. He, with a Roman innkeeper, made fun of the whole time. Outside of football, for me there is Valentino, Tomba and now Sinner.”