Sinner, Pietrangeli: “He will soon win a Slam but the record is mine”

“Jannik number 4 in the world? I came in third place, there was no computer”

“Jannik Sinner will soon win a Slam tournament.” Nicola Pietrangeli, one of the greats of Italian tennis, has no doubts and crowns the Italian who today beat the Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-final of the Beijing tournament, earning fourth place in the ATP ranking, a result that in the past only Adriano Panatta has achieved .

“I had predicted Sinner from the beginning of the year that he would finish among the top 4-5 in the world and today he proved me right. Jannik is predestined, just feel his ball: he shoots harder than anyone else. He can go up further but the jump of quality will do it by winning a Grand Slam and for me he will do it soon, perhaps already next year”, Pietrangeli tells Adnkronos. “We can’t talk about records because I reached number 3 in the world, when the ATP computer didn’t yet exist but they were already compiling the rankings – underlines the winner of two Roland Garros -. In any case, I hope soon to comment on other exploits of Sinner perhaps in November in Malaga in the Davis Cup. If he and the other Azzurri are physically well we can win the salad bowl again.”