Sinner wins Australian Open, how much he earns and how he changes ranking

The blue pocketed over 3 million Australian dollars. At the change…

The victory in the 2024 Australian Open gives Jannik Sinner the first career title in a Slam tournament and allows the 22-year-old Italian to collect a very rich prize. Sinner, thanks to his triumph in the final against the Russian Daniil Medvedev, secured a check of 1.9 million euros (3.15 million Australian dollars). Medvedev, losing his third final in Melbourne in the last 4 years, consoles himself with 1 million euros (1.7 million Australian dollars).

In his career, Sinner is close to 19 million euros in prize money collected. Prize money represents an important item in the balance sheet of a top player who in any case secures significant sums thanks to sponsors and advertising: Sinner is a face chased by top-level brands in various sectors.

The triumph in Melbourne also has an impact on the ATP ranking, although the positions at the top of the ranking remain unchanged. Novak Djokovic, defeated by Sinner in the semi-final, remains number 1 with 9,855 points and – by virtue of the worse result compared to the 2023 triumph – sees his lead over Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, number 2 at 9,255, narrow. Medvedev retains third position with 8,765 points but is now closely followed by Sinner: the blue rises to 8,310, the podium is in his sights.