Siren, plot and cast of Gregg Bishop’s horror

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Gregg Bishop In the 2016 has direct Sirensa film based on a short film titled Amateur night made by David Bruckner. The latter signed the script for this spin-off by V/H/S that tells a story creepy at times paranormal starring Hannah Fierman, Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn, Michael Aaron Milligan, Hayes Mercure and Randy McDowell as the main leads. The source material had been shot as found footage in which a demon named Lily ensnared some boys in search of female companionship and then turned them into sexual prey to feast on, but Sirens then it took the form of a traditional film.

Sirens: the synopsis of the film

Jonah is getting married, but his bachelor party it transforms suddenly in a nightmare when a girl seemingly harmless locked up in a supernatural sex club comes liberated for the party. The owner of the club wants to take her back and is willing to do anything to put things right, so Jonah starts a strenuous fight to save the girl. But in a short time he realizes that he is the real victim of the story, ended up in the crosshairs of a legendary predator who has chosen him as a reward.

The trailer of Sirens

The trailer of Sirens suggests the disturbing and threatening atmospheres of the film, promising high tension and intense scenes from a visual and content point of view. A horror film with an indie soul that has something experimental and amateurish, however seasoned by a professional cast and a courageous direction. Gregg Bishop’s previous works as a director include Escape from Hell of 2006 and several short films of the horror genre such as Voodoo, The Birds of Anger And V/H/S Viral.