Sister killed in Haiti, Pope: “She gave her life for others to the point of martyrdom”

The Pontiff: “I entrust his soul to God and I pray for the Haitian children”

Sister Luisa made her life a gift for others to the point of martyrdom“. Pope Francis said this at the end of the Angelus, expressing his” closeness to the relatives and sisters of Sister Luisa dell’Orto, little sister of the Gospel of Charles de Foucauld, killed yesterday in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti “.

“For twenty years – recalled Bergoglio – Sister Luisa had lived there, dedicated above all to the service of street children. I entrust his soul to God and I pray for the Haitian people, especially for the little ones, so that they may have a more peaceful future, without misery and without violence “.

Francesco also expressed his “worry“for what” is happening in EcuadorI am close to that people and I encourage all parties to abandoning violence and extreme positions. Let us learn: only through dialogue – he warned – will it be possible to find, I hope soon, social peace with particular attention to marginalized populations and the poorest and always respecting the rights of all and the institutions of the country “.

During the Angelus prayer, the Pope commented on the Gospel passage of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, where “he knows that rejection and death await him, where he knows – he said – that he will have to suffer a lot and this requires a firm decision”, he said. all urged to to spend oneself in the good without seeking approval.

“Getting angry in opposition is easy, it is instinctive. What is difficult, on the other hand, is to control oneself, doing like Jesus who, according to the Gospel, set out ‘on the way to another village’. This means that, when we find closures, we must turn to doing good elsewhere, without recriminations. Thus Jesus helps us to be serene people, happy with the good accomplished and who do not seek human approval. And where are we? Faced with setbacks, misunderstandings, do we turn to the Lord, do we ask him for his firmness in doing good? Or do we look for confirmation in the applause, ending up being harsh and resentful when we don’t hear them? “Asked Bergoglio.

“Sometimes we think that our fervor is due to a sense of justice for a good cause, but in reality most of the time it is nothing but pride, combined with weakness, susceptibility and impatience. So let’s ask Jesus for the strength to be like Him , to follow him with firm decision do not be vindictive and intolerant when difficulties arise, when we spend ourselves for the good and others don’t understand it, when they disqualify us. No let’s go on. May the Virgin Mary help us to make Jesus’ firm decision our own stay in love all the way“.