Sister victim of Andria train crash: ”23 people executed by shameful sentence”

7 years after the tragedy Anna Aloysi speaks to Adnkronos: “I no longer even have a grave to cry on Maria”

“Tomorrow it will be 7 years since my sister was executed. Yes, I mean executed. Killed in a railway collision between Andria and Corato which today has no culprits, except for that human error which on July 12, 2016 cost the lives of 23 people. Killed, once again, by the humiliation of a shameful sentence, which three weeks ago liquidated the massacre with two convictions and fourteen acquittals. For the anniversary it will be the usual catwalk, everyone will parade, while I can’t even cry anymore on the tomb of my Maria, taken away two years ago from the family chapel under mysterious circumstances and never returned to us family”. Speaking to Adnkronos is Anna Aloysi, sister of one of the 23 victims of the train disaster and founder of the ‘Anna Aloysi association train accident Andria Corato 12 July 2016’ who asks for justice.

“Pain is never prescribed for me – he says – in Italy justice hasn’t worked for decades, they pretend to reform it but in reality nothing happens. Proof of this is the shameful sentence issued recently and in which the judges decided not to decide, or rather they wanted to safeguard the usual suspects.With my association I will fight even more strongly so that the responsibilities of those who have deliberately avoided, for economic interests, to secure the Andria-Corato section are recognized in the appeal. After what happened and after 7 years of protests, demonstrations and politicians’ catwalks, nothing has changed: it seems that nobody cares about safety, indeed with this sentence it almost seems that the fault lay with the victims, guilty of having boarded the train” .

“I have been living in the solitude of tragedy first and then of injustice for seven years, two years that I don’t even have a marble to look at to mourn Maria. While I was hospitalized for Covid, I was in the hospital for four months, my cousin wrote to me a message telling me that my sister had disappeared. They broke into the family chapel in Andria and made her disappear. I reported against unknown persons. I don’t want money, I don’t want anything: just tell me where my sister is. I’m sick , no one apologized to me, no one came forward”. (by Silvia Mancinelli)