Six Nations 2023, Scotland-Italy 26-14

Azzurri close the tournament with 5 defeats in as many matches

Italy is defeated in Scotland 26-14 in the match valid for the fifth and final day of the Six Nations 2023 rugby. The Azzurri, always defeated in the tournament, finished in last place with a single point and with the ‘wooden spoon’, the ‘recognition’ attributed to the team always defeated in the competition.

THE MATCH – Italy got off to a good start and forced Scotland to foul several times at the match point. Allan misses the first kick, not the second and gives the Azzurri the lead. Townsend’s side responded with sustained action, giving up the posts and eventually striking with Van der Merwe, who dived for the try. Italy responds immediately, a great tackle from Nicotera and Riccioni forces the hold: Allan scores the 5-6.

The next 15 minutes are a Scottish assault: first in the throw-in, then in the scrum, the home team insists on trying to bring home the heavy marking. The blue package suffers, Riccioni gives in more than once and in the 28th minute pays with a yellow card. With the extra man the landlords manage to hit: Kinghorn jumps Fusco with a good feint and scores the 12-6. In the most difficult moment, Fischetti takes control of the blue scrum and earns a fundamental kick which allows his men to return to the attack: the action fades due to a forward from Ruzza on a non-perfect pass from Iachizzi, but still allows the ball to pass time in 14.

In the final Scotland resisted the last blue attack, counterattacked and almost scored with a great action in which all the three quarters touched the ball. Gesi miraculously saves from Kyle Steyn 2 meters from the goal line and the first half ends on 12-6 for the hosts.

In the second half Scotland started in fourth place. He recovers the ball with a counter ruck at the height of the Italian 10 meters, moves into the 22 with a free kick and with another long play he scores with Kinghorn, who is good at attacking the line and making it 19-6 . The Azzurri accelerate and a nice five-a-side kick from Paolo Garbisi sends Allan to the goal: 19-11. The Montpellier midfielder brings Italy back in line with the 19-14 football.

The finish is an onslaught from Italy, who earn another free kick in the maul. He plays hand in hand, he comes very close several times to marking first with Zuliani, then with Alessandro Garbisi. 30 seconds from the end a forward from Pettinelli frustrates the last action by the Azzurri. However, the match ends with a mockery: Scotland plays the scrum from their own 5 meters, attacks with Van der Merwe off and serves Kinghorn who flies between the posts for the final 26-14.