Six Nations, all ready at the Foro Italico, change of look in record time

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. Even in record time. The metamorphosis of the Foro Italico, from football to rugby, takes place in less than one night. The operational team of Sport e Salute SpA entered the scene yesterday evening, at the final whistle of Roma-Empoli, until today’s first light: about 10 hours of uninterrupted work for an excellent result. The look change of the Stadio Olimpico is surprising: from the Serie A set to the Six Nations rugby set with Italy-France, scheduled for today at 16:00. Via goals, flags, penalty areas and midfield circle. Space for the oval ball with giant H-shaped goals, goal and touch lines, plays of light and modifications to the audio-video system. A full-blown transformation, which involved not only the playing facility, but the entire Foro Italico Sports Park, which is increasingly multifunctional, inclusive and eco-sustainable. The home of sport and sportsmen, ready to experience, even with the “third half”, an international event before, during and after in the Village, set up between the Stadio dei Marmi and via delle Olimpica.