Ski: in Aosta the candidates Falez and Maldifassi, two different recipes for the Fisi of the future

At the Asiva headquarters, meeting of the two presidential candidates with managers, members and ski clubs

The approach to the national assembly of the Fisi – Italian winter sports federation continues, which on 15 October in Milan will elect the new national president for the next four years. In Aosta, at the headquarters of the Asiva regional committee, two of the presidential candidates, Alessandro Falez and Stefano Maldifassi, presented their electoral program to managers and members of the winter disciplines of the Aosta Valley Committee. “Our federation is rich in history and opportunities; the federation to which I aspire must, however, take a step forward compared to what has been achieved so far, to become a federation with a modern, new, participatory, strong and above all winning vision – declared Alessandro Falez -. This is achieved through a work of sharing with all the forces present, both at the level of advisors and coaches, athletes, sports managers. The exercise of delegation allows to give each of the objectives, responsibility, and to achieve results. The sum of these results made by several people, at times, is greater than the sum of the people and the effort they have made “.

“We believe – he added – that it is essential to continue investing in youth talent, supporting children and families, as well as clubs. The will is to have federal centers with a state-of-the-art technical-scientific platform that will allow us to trace a clear path for the future. We have identified some program themes, but they are open themes now is the time to listen to the proposals, the problems, and to grasp all the ideas that can make our federation better. It is therefore necessary to create a mechanism for the sharing of all the subjects of our movement to make the federation more modern and in line with the times “, she observed.

“The Fisi that I have in mind is a Fisi that puts the athlete at the center, the athlete’s path, and that from the base to the highest level is able to recognize all the paths, to harmonize them, strengthen them and assist them” is the thought by Stefano Maldifassi who added: “We tried to highlight what is actually missing: a great process of harmonization, a great support for the activities of the clubs but also of the committees, with new professional skills or those lacking professionalism, both from the point of view technician and doctor, purely scholastic, assistance, closeness to families and to those who are currently in charge of the budget of these young people ”, he concluded.