Skiantos, release “Doppia dose” on vinyl with an unreleased song that has the voice of Freak Antoni

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The Skiantos have always represented the most eccentric and ironic part of Italian music that entered history through the invention of the demented rock. On April 14 it comes out, for the first time in collector’s double vinyl (180 gr, numbered) published from white wing, “Double Dose”their first double CD, originally released in 1999, a work that is a perfect compendium of irony and author’s mockery, characteristic themes of the historic band. The disc comes out on the occasion of birthday of Freak Antoni, which will fall on April 16, and contains a precious unpublished, “Flip for the Skiantos” with the original voice of Freak Antoni.

“Flipped = upset, dazed. We met many of us who were upset or dazed at our concerts… and if they weren’t, they became.” says Fabio Testoni “Hence Freak’s idea of ​​dedicating an ad hoc song to him, which we then created as an exclusive tribute to the FunCoolClub affiliates, an act of devotion and absolute merit to the Skiantos. It seemed right to us after so many years to include it in this vinyl reissue of Double Dose, to hear once again an unreleased song sung by our favorite singer!”, he comments Dandy Beast.

Double vinyl contains The Usual Triumph”which represented, at the time, the new discography Skiantos (with various prestigious guests) e You cooked my rocket” which returned instead the historical formation of the Skiantos ’77. double dose” was the most ambitious recording project of the Skiantos: foreshadowed a new introspective season (I Inside) and of social denunciation (New Middle Ages), in addition to the usual irony and lightness. A project in which Freak and the band believed very much and which after many years still manages to convey the strength of their ideas and intuitions. The many guests present had lent themselves to a game of complicity rather than simple participation, performing in different ways: some making their own songs, others proposing a musical phrase, still others joking or participating in a bizarre choir, all in a sort of of creative improvisation played in total harmony with them Skiantos.

The Skiantos they intervene on the language of words and behaviors, they choose to be trivial, stupid, allusive, abusive and exaggerated as opposed to the rhetoric of good feelings and the pomposity of songwriters. They pick up cues from juvenile slang to taint the insufferable world of common sense. To a presumed high poetics of a great artist they contrast a low poetics of a disconnected artist.