Skunk Anansie return to Italy with a single date in Rimini

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The Skunk Anansie return to Italy for a special concert to be held next Saturday 10 June 2023 in Piazza Malatesta a Riminii in the scope of Ultrasound, the musical event that animates the summer nights of the Romagna city, organized in memory of Thomas Balsamini, manager and DJ of the Slego and Velvet club in Rimini, exactly ten years after his death. Three days entirely dedicated to music, just as Balsamini would have liked, and the presence of the band is not accidental. Indeed, Skunk Anansie were almost at home on stage at the Velvet during the heyday of the 90s and 2000s. In particular, in 1995, they held one of their first concerts here when they had not yet achieved international fame.

Skunk Anansie’s bond with Rimini

Thomas Bergamini saw in that young band the grit, talent and enthusiasm that have always characterized their music and that 1995 event was organized because the band was called to open the concert of the most famous, at least at the time, Therapy?. Skunk Anansie were in their first year of life as a band and no one could have ever imagined the artistic path they would then embark on. The band’s success exploded suddenly, so much so that in 1997 Skunk Anansie returned to Rimini, again on the Velvet stage, for a concert destined to remain in the annals of music. The year before, in fact, Skunk Anansie burst onto the international scene with the album Stooshthe real cornerstone of their career, and the back to that stage who had baptized them just two years earlier was a real triumph. The echo of that event, among music enthusiasts, is still clear, because the band was welcomed by an overwhelming affection and enthusiasm.

The Skunk Anansie concert in Rimini

Many years after their last concert in Rimini, Skunk Anansie have set June 10 as the date of their return with an appointment on the Romagna Riviera. This, it should be stressed, will be the only Skunk Anansie event in Italy during their summer European tour: no concerts are scheduled in other Italian cities, at least for the moment, therefore fans of the band are called to buy tickets quickly before they go sold out. The sale is available on the Ticketone channel. Last year, which for many artists represented the return to the scene in the post pandemic, there were 10 appointments in our country.