Sky Arte, Diodato: “The Square completes an artist’s understanding”

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Ten songs that are for us who listen to them a caress to the soul and for him, Antonio Diodato, the gift received in recent years, also the result of a strong interaction with so much humanity. The recently released album is titled “So Special” and it is also a response to what was happening around us and what Diodate, with his unique sensitivity, wanted to live even more intensely and in contact with people. This brought strong emotions and sensations from which these pieces were born. Diodate tonight will be the guest of The Square, the Sky Arte broadcast hosted by Nicolas Ballario, which tells the story of contemporary culture in all its forms, through the voices of numerous guests, stories of Italian exhibitions and museums, animations, performances music and…much more. I met the artist in the studios of the transmission created by TIWI, in Reggio Emilia, where the program is conceived, developed and built.

Antonio, even if almost a month has passed, we cannot fail to return to Taranto’s May Day, an edition that the rain risked seeing cancelled. Yet it remains epochal.

It was an epic day from all points of view, faced with improbable weather conditions, we went on as far as possible as long as there were safety conditions. We went forward for the people who didn’t give in to the rain, they’ve been partying with us for hours. You know we are 90% self-financed, the organizing committee is made up of normal people who sometimes find it difficult to go ahead and then there are some of us in the role of artistic director.
How is it claimed?

It is based on the sale of merchandising, on beers, on wine, on sandwiches, that’s why if the weather isn’t good, the losses are enormous.
Will there be next year?

In the heat I would have told you no. Certainly some reflections will have to be made. But crowdfunding has already started again.
However, in the end you completed the concert even if you changed location.

At 7pm we were already aware of the problem and asked the artists if they felt like going ahead: when they said yes we leaned on the Spazio Porto which gave us the venue to allow the resident electric band to do its thing. We couldn’t say it officially for a matter of public order. We have agreed on a maximum number of attendances with a fundraiser, those who had access contributed 20 euros. Something like this that will never happen again, beyond the difficulties it was a unique, exceptional artistic moment.
In short, in the end you are happy with it…

Yes, but also aware that I have to take responsibility. We are crazy! We began to get together to amplify important messages, then people recognized each other and multiplied. As I told you we are self-financed and we live in a world where we think too much about ourselves. Then there is always someone who apologizes but at the base there is little desire to read up.
Why did you bring “We Must Meet” to The Square?

The beauty of songs is that you write them at a particular moment in your life and then they transform into something else, according to how life flows. We recognize concerts as social and economic growth, May 1 deserves more attention and curiosity. You must understand that it belongs to you: Taranto is an emblem but when I make these reflections I think of all May Days.
It is an intimate, almost secret piece of two people who seem to be one: is this true love?

The importance of the meeting is to want to overcome the misunderstandings that are inevitable. It’s also talking to yourself and recognizing a road, it’s wanting to try to understand each other.
A verse says “but you make them talk”: a reply to useless verbiage?

The theme is confrontation: it’s difficult to understand from the outside what’s between two people, but you love expressing opinions and giving unsolicited advice.
What do you like about The Square?

It is important for understanding because it allows you to talk about different things. Programs with identity, like The Square, make you think differently about what you yourself have created, create complete and defend the importance of diversity.
We close by talking about your tour.

Now I’m doing a European tour, which is very inspiring, then I’m going back to Italy. The idea is to resort to different formations depending on the evenings. I like playing with musicians we know each other. I leave room for improvisation.