Sky Arte, Sabrina Donadel with Private Collection opens us to the world of contemporaneity

A passion that has grown over time, made up of encounters and stories, travels and sensations. Sabrina Donadel it opens the doors to us, and sometimes even breaks down walls, of contemporary art. He does it on Sky Art with Private Collection and then, through social media, with other formulas. But you have a single common denominator: his intuition, his knowledge arouse curiosity and fascination.

Sabrina when the project was born Private Collection and when was your passion for art born?

It all started in 2014, even if for work I have always dealt with art at 360 degrees, coming from a journalism of Fashion, Music, Literature … I have been dealing with artists for thirty years. I approached the figurative arts by wandering through galleries and then coming into contact with collectors, I realized the value, even human, of their figure. When you see a contemporary work Jeff Koons or Maurizio Cattelan it may happen that you do not justify the price, to say I could have done it … and then, intrigued, I turned to those who collect contemporary art. And I told about 24 Italian and foreign collections with the exclusivity of going to the collector’s house and the privilege of having the door to all the rooms.
The focus is on contemporary art: when does it start?

I would say it goes from the mid-eighteenth century onwards.
Are there artists who have studios and ateliers in the house?

There are still some who have that kind of vision.
You have reopened the doors of 9 museums, albeit virtually: what was the most intense moment?

I was amazed by the extraordinary nature of the fact. The museums had been closed for a year and being able to get them to open for me for a live instagram was very exciting. Before the pandemic, that world was not familiar with digital. We were active in the story of art when everything was off. This project started in November 2020 and ended with the reopening of the museums. It was great at 7pm to meet with the director of the museum and myself opening the doors again.
How do professional meetings develop?

It is another digital initiative. I thought of letting two great collectors meet remotely, ask them questions and they have 30 seconds to answer, marked by an hourglass; being considered an often wordy world I set a limit. I am not an art historian, I aim to bring it to understanding since contemporary art is not always within everyone’s reach.
You have shown that making art for everyone is possible: why are there still so many who see that world as exclusive?

They belong to a niche world, we talk a little too much about ourselves, we tend to remain closed in our circle, my challenge is to break down this barrier. It must also be added that there is no money for culture and … it is not believed. Often it does not bring money and therefore no energy is invested before even thinking about resources.
In what is a channel like Sky Arte particularly important?

It has a merit to defend, it must be protected like endangered species.
You have chosen Boosta by Subsonica as an example of artistic hybridization: will there be other protagonists?

First of all I tell the story of a person, we are united by a passion for art, in particular the figurative one. The artist does not see the boundary between one expressive form and another because the arts do not have a boundary.
Be on ItsArt it is a great satisfaction.

I am for pluralism and this is a platform that promotes Italian culture in the world. She immediately wanted my projects in her bouquet.
Is there a work by an author that, even if you dream big, you would like at home?

I have always wanted one of Anselm Kiefer’s pears on display at Hangar Bicocca.
What will happen in the coming months?

A short will be released focusing on art and design as a collector with unique pieces: since there is no border between the arts, it will be a nice comparison. There will be the fourth season of Private Collection and other projects that I can’t reveal yet. And maybe a book tomorrow.