Sky Glass arrives, much more than a TV

Since its inception, Sky has transformed the way sports are told, in information and entertainment, but it has also introduced many small and large innovations that have revolutionized the viewing experience of millions of families. Today, with the launch of Sky Glass, Sky once again reinvents the way of experiencing TV and writes a new page in its history. Sky Glass is much more than a television (HOW IT WORKS). It is in fact the first platform to fully integrate content: from those of the main national free-to-air channels to those of global players such as Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, Dazn, in addition to those of the Sky offer. Today, people have to navigate between different offers and often fail to have their favorite content at their fingertips. The streaming revolution has indeed given infinite possibilities of choice, but it has also complicated people’s lives: apps are not connected to each other, experiences are fragmented and we often end up spending more time looking for content than enjoying it. Sky Glass was created precisely to simplify this complexity, for example for Sky subscribers just say “Hello Sky” and say the name of your favorite actor to see all his films available in the Sky catalogs and the various apps appear on the screen.

What is Sky Glass

Sky Glass is a technologically advanced device that combines functionality and beauty. Inside it integrates a Dolby Atmos® soundbar for fabulous sound and a 4K Ultra HD Quantum Dot screen capable of displaying over 1 billion colors. It is available in 3 different formats, the most sought after, and 5 colors and its design is created to best adapt to the personal style of each and every room in the house. Sky Glass is within everyone’s reach and can only be purchased together with the Sky “Entertainment Plus” subscription – which includes Sky TV plus Netflix – even with the convenience of paying in monthly installments. It is also a product in line with Sky’s commitment to protecting the environment, being the first TV in the world certified CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact Partners. The launch of Sky Glass completes Sky’s commercial proposition. From today, in fact, the portfolio of products and pay TV solutions – Now, Sky Q, Sky Glass – is truly complete and able to satisfy all the different ways of experiencing entertainment. To all this is added Sky Wifi, the fastest landline network in Italy according to Ookla®. Andrea Duilio, CEO of Sky Italia, comments: “There are moments that mark a real turning point and the launch of Sky Glass is one of them. The streaming revolution has ushered in a golden age for content but has also made life more complicated for people who often spend more time searching for a show than enjoying it. Sky Glass was created to simplify all this and offer a simple and satisfying viewing experience. It is the first TV in the world certified Carbon Neutral and best represents the technological innovation capacity of the Sky group and Comcast. Sky Glass is the TV that wasn’t there. Together with Now, Sky Q and Sky Wifi it strengthens our centrality in the living room of families. “

Laura Pausini exceptional brand ambassador

The Sky Glass launch campaign kicks off today with a brand ambassador of exception. In fact, Laura Pausini, the most popular and influential Italian singer in the world, will take us to the world of Sky Glass together with four of her friends of hers, protagonists of the commercial with her: Benedetta Parodi, Bruno Barbieri, Stefano Accorsi and Tommaso Paradiso.

All the news of Sky Glass

Thanks to technology Glance, just pass in front of the screen and Sky Glass turns on to immediately show the most suitable content for you. The entire user experience starts from the home page, made up of different sections in order to scroll horizontally and vertically without interruptions. It is personalized, dynamic and tailor-made for Sky subscribers who will also be able to find all their favorite entertainment in their Playlist, ready to be seen at any time. Simply press the new “+” button on the remote control on the program you want to add. Furthermore, with the Restart function, those who return home after the show has already started can restart it with a simple click and watch it from the beginning. Another important news is that Sky Glass is a platform designed to be used simply with the voice: Sky subscribers just say “Hello Sky” and the TV turns on.

An immersive experience thanks to audio-video excellence

Quantum Dot technology enhances image quality, ensuring precision and sharpness on each pixel. Sky Glass identifies and optimizes specific areas within individual images to make blacks even blacker and colors even brighter. Sky Glass has an HDR screen with more than a billion colors and a 4K Ultra HD definition. Sky Glass transforms the living room into a cinema, concert hall or stadium thanks to the six powerful integrated speakers that direct the audio both upwards and frontally. In this way Sky Glass can offer Dolby Atmos® audio that can reach every corner of the room and with a subwoofer designed to make the bass rich and deep. All this without having to buy a separate soundbar. Sky Glass has an avant-garde design that matches any environment, is made with the highest quality materials, and its structure is in anodized aluminum. It comes in three sizes (43 “, 55” and 65 “) and five colors – black, blue, white, pink and green – and with matching remote controls. It’s a nice looking TV, even when it’s not turned on.

Sky Glass is within everyone’s reach

Sky Glass makes its cutting-edge technology accessible even with the convenience of paying in installments. In fact, it is possible to choose whether to pay Sky Glass in a single solution or by paying an advance and pay comfortably in 24 or 48 installments, without interest, together with the monthly fee of your Sky subscription. It is therefore possible to purchase the 43 ”model for 697 euros, the 55” model for 995 euros and the 65 ”model for 1293 euros in a single solution. By choosing instead the installment payment, you can buy the TV from 65 “to 23.90 euros per month, the 55” TV at 17.90 euros per month and the 43 “TV at 11.90 euros per month (prices in 48 installments more advance payment that varies according to the size, starting from 125 euros). All this exclusively with the subscription to “Entertainment Plus” which includes Sky TV, with all the entertainment, series, Sky documentaries, plus Netflix, starting from € 19.90 per month for 18 months. At launch, Sky Glass is available for a promotional price. For example, you can choose 43 ”Sky Glass, with payment in 48 installments, together with the Entertainment Plus subscription, all for only € 29.90 per month for the first 18 months. Sky Glass has a two-year warranty and free standard delivery service. And for those who want to watch Sky in several rooms of the house, by adding the Sky Multiscreen service to their subscription, is possible to buy Sky Stream, which allows you to enjoy the Sky Glass experience on any other compatible TV.

The first TV in the world certified CarbonNeutral®

Sky Glass is the first television in the world certified CarbonNeutral® by Climate Impact Partners. In fact, it allows you to save energy by incorporating three devices in one (TV, Soundbar and decoder), goes into standby automatically if not used and optimizes the brightness of the screen based on the light in the room. Plus, it comes in one-time, fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Finally, the integration of the functions of three products in a single device allows to reduce electricity consumption by up to 50% compared to having separate TVs, Soundbars and decoders.

The product portfolio

Sky Glass enriches Sky’s commercial proposition, thus offering a truly complete portfolio of products and solutions capable of satisfying every need, different targets and different ways of enjoying entertainment. From Sky Q, the solution that offers a rich and engaging viewing experience on your television, aggregating the best Sky contents and those of all the main apps in one place; passing through NOW, the most varied OTT offer on the market, the only one that gives access to all Sky Originals; up to Sky Wifi, the fastest landline network in Italy according to Oookla®, optimized for streaming and awarded for the best value for money. Sky Glass is a constantly evolving platform that is projected to the future and that will be progressively enriched with new innovative features. The 4K smart camera will soon arrive in Italy too, opening up to new exciting services for the whole family. A series of innovations that will transform interactions with television, the way we chat, play, play sports and share entertainment at home.