Sky Tg24 from Sunday ‘America against’ one year after the events on Capitol Hill

“January 6, 2021: the world watches in dismay at the protests on Capitol Hill. In the country where the first democracy in modern history was born in 1776, the seat of Congress is stormed by violent demonstrators. But it really was such an event. surprising? Or has the United States for some time been showing signs of a very dangerous social fracture and a marked political opposition? “. Sky Tg24 tells it with ‘America Contro’, a new program on air from 9 January every second Sunday of the month at 7.30 pm, available on demand and on the website. A cycle that will guide the Sky Tg24 audience through a deeper and more detailed knowledge of US society and the deep rifts from which it is marked, in a long journey that will end in November, when the midterm elections for the United States will be held in the United States. renewal of the Congress.

Conceived, edited and conducted by Federico Leoni, ‘America Contro’ will explain the origins and effects of the extreme political and social polarization taking place in the USA, a country that was not so divided since the Civil War. With the help of impact augmented reality graphics, reports from the United States, original contributions and above all interviews with some of the most important international scholars, political scientists, sociologists and journalists, the program will try to understand what the possible developments of this will be. phenomenon, which, according to some accredited thinkers and authoritative US newspapers, does not even exclude the hypothesis, albeit not very concrete, of a new Civil War or a division between Republican and Democratic States.

Guests of the first episode will be the intellectual and linguist Noam Chomsky and Lorenzo Vidino, Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. In addition, an interview with Jason Miller, former spokesman for Donald Trump, made by Marco Congiu, US correspondent for Sky TG24. At the center of the debate will be the main issues on which Americans are currently divided: from abortion to racism, gun control and the right to vote, up to the phenomenon of cancel culture. The topics covered in “America Contro” will also find space on the website, where there will be a special section dedicated to in-depth information and extra content. Furthermore, all episodes will also be available among the Sky TG24 podcasts, available on the website and on the main podcasting platforms.