Slotherhouse, the horror trailer starring a killer sloth

Generally, when you think of an animal to be afraid of, you think of an aggressive animal: a shark (like ne The shark), a bear (as in Cocainbear). One hardly thinks of a sloth. And yet, the protagonist of Slotherhouse.

Generally synonymous with laziness, indolence and inactivity, in the upcoming film the August 30th it definitely becomes something else. And, to prove it, is the trailer just released.

What is it about Slotherhouse

Lisa Ambalavanar plays college student Emily Young. The girl adopts an adorable sloth, named Alpha, with the goal of becoming president of his fraternity. However, pretty soon strange things start happening murders. It doesn’t take much for Emily and her sisters to realize that, to kill the members of the sisterhood, she was the “mascot” of the group. Will the girls be able to escape from that house, which has now become a death trap? Or will the sloth, with its razor-sharp claws, prove to be too fast even for them?

Who is the protagonist of Slotherhouse

Directed by Matthew Goodhue, Slotherhouse starring Lisa Ambalavanar.

The English actress is best known for her role as Alia Hanif in the BBC soap opera Doctorsbut also and above all for be one of the faces of the Netflix series The A List (currently in progress).

Ambalavanar made his debut in the BBC series Two Home Time in 2009, in the role of a saleswoman. She appeared in films such as Coffee (2011), The Stuff of Legend (2015) e Like Living (2016), has acted in several theater productions. For her interpretation in Singin’ in the Raina popular theater critic wrote, “He lights up the stage with his engaging personality, comedic timing and some beautifully sung numbers.”

In 2018, she was cast in the BBC daytime soap opera Doctors. She made her debut as Alia Hanif on February 7, 2018, taking over from Mandy Thandi. That same year, she began appearing in the iPlayer and Netflix series The A List in the lead role of My. Also, he plays Jinx in season 4 of titanson HBO Max.