Slovakia elections, Fico: “Stop weapons in Ukraine, now open peace negotiations”

After the victory of the Smer party, the words of the former Slovak prime minister: “If I receive the mandate, I know exactly what I will have to do”

After the victory of the Smer party in Saturday’s legislative elections, former Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico assures that he will propose the immediate opening of peace negotiations with Russia to put an end to the war in Ukraine. And he explains that he does not want to repeat his position against military assistance to the Kiev government because “there is no need”.

“I know what to do, start peace negotiations”

In his victory speech, the former prime minister repeated his campaign message, which put national problems before the war in Ukraine. “Our problems are different. If I receive the mandate, I know exactly what I will have to do”, he declared, confirming that he had not yet received the call from the president and political rival, Zuzana Caputova, for the consultations.

“In any case, if my party comes to government, regardless of whether we hold the post of prime minister or not, we will do everything possible to start peace negotiations in Ukraine as soon as possible. About the arming of Ukraine you know already our opinion.”