Slovakia elections, party promises “service cow” to citizens

During the election campaign in Slovakia, the Princip (Principle) party, which represents the interests of the Roma, promised to donate a “service cow” to every interested Slovak citizen. The party leader, Mikulas Vareha, announced this commitment through a video on Twitter, which was then shared by the site Novinky.czin view of the elections scheduled for next Saturday 30 September

What does “service cow” mean

It is “a service cow because it will not be his”, the citizen’s, but rather “either company, or municipal, or state”: but “every work performed will be his (…) and the milk he milks is his”, Vareha said in the video. If this proposal can be reconciled with the state budget, there will be up to one million service cows in the Slovak countryside, the politician predicted, stating that the state should purchase them and take care of their feeding and veterinary care. “Service cows would make us self-sufficient in beef,” Vareha further said. In the past Vareha, self-proclaimed “king of Zemplin” (the Slovak region in the south-east of the country), was sentenced to 11 years in prison for a tax fraud worth almost 60 million euros, serving nine years in prison.