Slovakia elections, the winner Fico: “With us, no more weapons for Ukraine”

Slovakia has bigger problems than relations with Ukraine. These are the first words with which former prime minister Robert Fico, who emerged victorious in yesterday’s elections, introduced himself to the press immediately after confirming the triumph in the legislative elections of the Smer-SD formation, the left-wing nationalist social democrats. Fico’s party, avowedly pro-Russian and with clear Putinist sympathies, has always said it is against sending weapons to Kiev and has openly supported the invasion of “fascist Ukraine”.

“We will commit ourselves to peace talks”

A position also reiterated on the day of the success of the elections, explaining that Slovakia will stop supplies of weapons to Kiev. “We believe that Ukraine is a huge tragedy for everyone,” Fico added, speaking at a press conference in Bratislava. “If Smer is entrusted with the task of forming a government, we will do our best to organize peace talks as soon as possible.”

“With migrants ready to use force”

The position on the migrant emergency front is also clear. The leader of the Smer-SD party has, in fact, announced: “We are ready to use force to protect our country from migrants”.